Dora’s cousin Diego and his unfriendly Neighbor

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/29/2021

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (9): aflac, Juul, Sellout, Yankee, Scratch Off, Cutie, Wild Thing, FNG Pong


Scanning through the exicon, I found Dora’s long lost cousin Diego, and figured he needed to visit the Wreck this chilly Friday.


Moseyed over near the football fields, gave the disclaimer, and started to stay warm:

SSH x 12

Weedpicker x 12

Toy Soldier x 12


The Thang:

YHC had partner work in mind, with Dora’s cousin Diego making an appearance.  One Pax would bear crawl across the parking lot while the other partner would perform the following:


100 Merkins

150 OH Press

200 LBCs w/ coupon

250 Curls

300 Squat w/ coupon


After merkins and OHP with bear crawls, the Q audibled to lunging across the parking lot. Some PAX were dedicated to the crawl and kept the arm burn in effect.

Knowing the Wreck PAX would get after it, YHC added another set of exercises (taking the same count as Diego) but not currently shown in the exicon. To keep the PAX curious and maintaining their morale, YHC hid the TBD portion.  When close to the end, Juul yelled “i better not see burpees on the other side”.  Well, no one was disappointed when this was revealed:


100 Burpees

150 Skull Crushers

200 Big Boys

250 Rows

300 Bonnie Blairs

BONUS: 400 Mountain Climbers

PAX only made it to the burpees before we moseyed back.


There is a BRR list going around Hogwallow channel for those interested.

Prayers for those impacted by COVID.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Challenged all to exercise more patience, as we don’t know what some have gone through the past hour, day, week to lead them were they are at that moment.

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