Again!?! Is it Ground Hog day?

AO: Hall of Justice

When: 02/01/2021

QIC: Radar

PAX (11): Smoked, Homer, Dawn, Val, Long Haul, Magnolia, Puff Daddy, See Ya, Slump, Gilligan, Radar


It was a great February morning, air temp about 35 but bind chill in the mid 20s. So we went to the top of the Hill to find a cool spot for the BD. Q thought Feb 1 was ground hog day so he setup a cycle that would make the PAX feel like it would never end. YHC was tired of counting so the BD was focused on time instead of reps.

BTW, what happened to January? seems like just yesterday it was the first Hall of Justice BD now it just seems normal… Great Job @Val (and team) for the launch of Suwanee AO!


The lady in the red puffy jacket is still on the stage with her group, although it sounded like a man leading this week. So we did a light mosey to behind the stage to get “warm” (see above, there was nothing warm this morning). After a few weed pickers, shoulder taps, Mountain Climbers we finished with the crowd favorite Monkey Humpers. after warmup we did a Mosey to the top of the Suwanee Park Mountain.

The Thang:

ITG, Q set up 6 stations, 3 meant to destroy the Arms (Biceps & Triceps) and then some fun with the legs. EMOM 40 seconds of workout with 20 seconds of rest/transition. we completed 5 rounds with 60 seconds of Al Gore between round 2/3 and 60 seconds of Burpees between 4/5.

Station #1: BBS
Station #2: Merkins
Station #3: Imperial Walkers
Station #4: Mike Tysons
Station #5: Squats
Station #6: Wall Dips

Q was nice today and allowed walking between stations, originally it was planned to have bear crawls, crab walks, broad jumps, mosey, and lunges between stations.. next time.. next time!


Q Message for the week, Be present in the moment, make the most of the current situation you are in. Spring brings crazy schedules and lots of activities (kids, work, school, family…) remember to enjoy the current company and opportunity you are in.

From the PAX:
-Reach out to older Family member and friends, as they are stressing with the virus and no that the holidays are over it is easy to forget our extended family and friends.
-Insurance challenges have been cleared and surgeries are being scheduled (praise!!)
-Tooth Surgery (part 1) completed successfully (Praise!!)
-Schedules are getting crazy, prayers for peace and clarity during the times of stress and added expectations

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Radar proposes a new exercise/rule for Hall of Justice, whenever a train goes down the tracks, the PAX pauses the workout and performs Burpees until the train passes.. NOTE only one train has ever passed during the 5 weeks of workouts, but one passed today and it seemed like a cool traditions to start.. up for debate/vote from the SQ.

Song of the Morning: Garth Brooks; Much too young to feel this Damn Old

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