The Real Cusack Mile – aka Return of The General

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/27/2021

QIC: Aflac

PAX (100): All the PAX that Aflac previously mentioned


Look – we all know that Aflac likes to design challenges to push the limits of the PAX that annoy GMonkey and most recently finding ways to “level the playing field”. Loosely translated – odd things that people may/may not be able to beat him at make me grumpy.

Today was no different. Lot of chatter about the previous Farmer Mile and how some surprise PAX showed up to dominate, so we were hoping for some similar storylines.



Whatever he said. BTW – it was raining and I was grumpy as hell.

The Thang:

You get it. We Cusack from speed bump to speed bump – do a bunch of exercises with your block at each stop. But here’s here’s the discrepancy: there was a prescribed penalty (to be explained later) for not making it between humps without dropping your cinder (

All went well for the most part. Seemed all were succeeding. But then there was a very long stretch that challenged the PAX. Being closest to the Q I heard him exclaim something about stopping, which seemed a bit out of character. Following the rules YHC (and Foley) continued on reaching the next checkpoint and beginning prescribed exercises. But apparently there was some confusion on the penalty AFLAC opted to let me have my day in the sun (rain) and wait for the 6. Said Q dropped his cinder and as such instructed all PAX behind him to institute penalty (some lunge BS). Not sure all PAX should have incurred this penalty.  YHC just kept pressing on to the next checkpoint and inquired about the shenanigans in the rear with no clear explanation.  Confusing times for all me and Foley, but what’s new.

Eventually we made our way all the way to the cul-de-sac and back. Time ran out. Cusack-ing was questionable. People got wet. The General succeeded.






Coffee options suck now, but I enjoy complaining about it.

But thankful for health and cinderblocks.

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