Heavy Mettle

AO: Bad Apple

When: 01/27/2021

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (3): Chalupa, Zima


After Chalupa did a noteworthy job of destroying the legs of the PAX on Monday and tornadoes gave some PAX a sleepless night on Tuesday, YHC prep’d for a soggy beatdown and hoped the really bad weather would stay away. Even so, was grateful for the covered walkways at Bad Apple and planned a WO that would give the PAX their money’s worth but not turn into a swim sess’ either.


SSH’s (IC),Hill billy’s (IC), Windmills (IC), Mtn Climbers (IC) all x15.

The Thang:

Sprocket uses “best practices” [steals] out of G.O.A.T.’s playbook KB circuit WO:

Rounds 1-4:
KB clean ‘n squat 5x right side, 5x left side

Bottoms up KB press 5x right side, 5x left side

KB swings 10x

Low Plank-to-Merkins, 10x

1 arm KB racked reverse lunges, 5x right, 5x left side

Round 5: Double all reps

Mini circuits/farmer carries w/ 2x 30# KB’s

Each PAX took turns farmer carrying 60# worth of KB down breezeway and back while PAX in waiting did AMRAP awaiting his turn w/ his KB:

Bent row, right
Bent row, left
Goblet squats w/upturned KB
Halos from the hip
Turkish get ups

No time for Mary today.


Prayers lifted up for all dealing COVID-19 and many other physical ailments incl. cancer. Asked for journey mercies for PAX and families traveling this weekend and for safety while at play out west.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Many thanks for the accountability, gentlemen. It’s always an honor to be in such fine company. Sprocket out.

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