A Classic Country Leg-O-Rama Experience

AO: Bad Apple

When: 01/25/2021

QIC: Chalupa

PAX (6): Chalupa, Johnny Sprocket, Zima, Raider, Speedo, Turbine


Turbine made it just under the wire…. didn’t want to miss this leg day workout with the usuals, Zima and Sprockett, and guest appearances by Speedo and Raider.


Side Straddle Hop, Weedpicker, personal favorite The Hillbilly, and arm circles to warm us up…

The Thang:

We first went up to the pull up bar station for a morning call to get things going, 5 pull ups in rotation as the rest of the pax held their push up position.

From there, we moseyed our way down the trail and ended up in the parking lot at the top of the hill where you pull in for the soccer fields. From there, we went to work on the ol’ legs….. had to get ready for my ski trip out West!

  1. To start: 20 squats, then run down the hill, then back pedal back up. (Rinse and repeat for a total of 4)

Now that the legs were burning

2. Lunges from the corner all the way down the parking lot to the other corner (It was 5 o’clock somewhere as Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet sang out….

3. 10 Stone Mountains and Bear crawls to the opposite corner

4. 10 Bonnie Blairs and then Lunges to the 4th corner

5. 10 push ups (release hands after each rep)

Time to Mosey back up the trail from where we had been to the grass hill.

From there it was the seven game…..

Burpies at the bottom, Squat jumps at the top 1 then 6, 2 then 5, you know the drill.

This is the point where I realized: A) what I wrote down for the workout sounds good but is much harder live! B) I’m gonna whoop some ass on the ski slopes starting Friday.

To finish things off, we made our way back to the parking lot where we had time to run the circle and complete 10 plank-Jacks after each lap. After 4 laps and enduring Achy Breaky Heart on the random play list of County Oldies I pulled up in the wee hours this morning, we had time for 10 diamond push ups and some plank time to bring us the end of the 45 minutes….. Whew!!



Just tried to keep in mind all those struggling with Covid, talked about the difficulties of those older loved ones that still haven’t been able to get the vaccine. Hoping and praying for them to stay safe and healthy until they do.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was a perfect morning, cool but not cold with a light mist at times. No better way to start the day…

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