Rainy morning equals time to Dance

AO: Firehouse

When: 01/21/2021

QIC: Skynyrd

PAX (6): Skynyrd, Ace Ventura, Lifelock, Lightweight Suarez, Script kiddie


Each HIM got up knowing the sounds outside meant the day held a soggy morning to come, but that did not stop them from rolling out of the fartsack and heading out to start the day the F3 way.

Once the men started rolling in and the flag was planted, and everyone noted Skynyrd’s truck had some soggy girlfriends ready to dance, it was time to start the mosey to the usual spot


Warm up:

Half lap mosey,
Weed Pickers,
Sun gods

Then off to the Pavilion to grab a girlfriend and start the dance



The Thang:



7 sets of five exercises, followed by a 30 second sprint. 30 seconds of each exercise, followed by 15 second rest. 20 second recovery after each set of 8 exercises.


Set 1: Round Houses, Leg Raises, Merkins, Step ups, Curls, Run

Set 2: Snatch, LBCs, Derkins, Box Jumps, Skull Crushers, Run

Set 3: Shoulder Flips, American Hammers, Dips, Lunges, Bent Over Rows, Run

Set 4: Cement Mixer, Big Boy sit ups, Diamond Push ups, Speed skaters, Upright Rows, Run

Repeat (we made it through all four sets and then repeated sets 1, 2 and 3.

No time for Mary but there was no sadness caused by that since the last run was the HIMs taking the girls along for one last dance.


Thanks for the fact that, over all, yesterday’s presidential inauguration seemed to go off peacefully.

Prayers for
Skynyrd’s daughter as she recovers from surgery
Lightweights wife and leg pain

Time for head count and the name-o-rama  a pray and off to start the day.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  1. Ace Ventura mentioned a possible post BD ruck so Lifelock, Lightweight, script kiddie, and Ace all took off, we only had 2 rucks, Ace had brought one extra and lightweight let script kiddie use it for the ruck.  Even though it was a bit wet, the ruck and conversations were a great way to finish off the beatdown and prep for the day ahead.
    This group of HIM help me and all that come out to Firehouse become better men/fathers/leaders/friends and that is what F3 is truly about.

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