Kickstart my heart

AO: Bad Apple

When: 01/20/2021

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (4): Zima, Chalupa, Pass Interference


When you’re ability to remember song lyrics from the ’80’s far exceeds your ability to remember why you walked into the kitchen, you might be getting old(er). Even so, the ’80’s produced some great hard rock and YHC was excited to share list big hair and spandex tunes with his brothers on a balmy winter morn’


Circle PAX and began with 20 SSH’s (IC), 15 Mtn Climbers, 15 Plank Jacks and carioca around the lot to get loosened up.

The Thang:

With a PAX solidly composed of Gen X’ers, YHC pushed “play” on the all ’80’s hard rock playlist to keep the PAX moving on their way to the pull up station. 12 rounds of the following set of exercises ensued: 2 Bonnie blairs, 1 squat jump, 1 burpee, 10 Stone Mtn’s, (on pull up bar) 10 knee ups and 4 chin ups. It was quiet for the first few rounds, however, once the PAX got into their rhythms, there was some reminiscing about various groups and friendly corrections made on lyrics. This IS important stuff you know?

plank for the 6, then, headed downhill to the fields. 6 rounds of sprints were on the menu with some slower 10-counts a few rounds in. The PAX were digging being out of breath I promise!

Over to the pic nic tables for a set of 11’s featuring step-ups/dips, then, back to the pull up station for a quick round of Morning Call.

Back to where the flag wasn’t for several rounds of Mary and the WO was polished off with 5 burpees (OYO).


Many, many prayers said for those in our region dealing with COVID-19 illness and exposure as well as other physical ailments/complications of friend and family as well as governmental leadership at every level.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

“For such a time as this” Though the number of PAX might be smaller right now, the encouragement and accountability that comes from joining one’s brothers in the gloom always make for a positive, meaningful and exhilarating start to the day. In the meantime, F3 H.I.M.’s will continue to lead in and through times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Amen to that! Sprocket out.

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