Warm-up Till You Drop

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/20/2021

QIC: BallBoy

PAX (18): Boomer, Bo Knows, Dacked, Doughboy, Flo, Maguire, Meatball, Popper, Ready-Mix, Saint2O, Schwartz, Scrooge, Splinter, Sugar, Sunshine, Wingnut, Zohan


A mild January morning gave us the opportunity for some real sweat that recent temperatures haven’t allowed…. if we could get past the warm-ups…


Mosey with slide, butt-kickers, high-knees
Emperial Walkers

On to an extended Warm-up at the low wall
20 Derkins
30 Dips
40 Step-ups

The Thang:

Another short mosey to the back parking lot for final warm-up (almost warm now) before the real thang.

PAX partnered up…
P1 with Monkey Humpers on one curb while P2 Broad-Jumped to the opposite curb
P2 then Broad-Jumped across while P1 enjoyed the Monkey Humpers
Repeat back to the starting curb
Next round, same idea but V-ups with Walking Lunges for travel.

With our legs plenty (finally) warmed up, the real fun began.

PAX started at Island #1 with Burpees x 10
80% sprint to Island #2
Switch to mosey to Island #3 for Star Jumps x 20
Broad Jump to other side of island for Merkins x 30
Another 80% sprint then mosey back to Island #1 for Squats x 40
Bear crawl around island to Starting Line
Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds
Planks and Air Chair for the 6

With some time remaining, PAX moseyed to the Temple of BTTW (or “The Carport”)
Partners alternated 20 Monkey Humpers with Balls to the Wall and a good time was had by all!

With 5 minutes remaining, we got in some quality Mary:
Big Boy Sit-ups
Flutter Kicks
Dying Cockroaches
Mountain Climbers


Encouragement to join the Climb Kili challenge for UBORA Tanzania mission
Prayers for PAX fathers who recently went through surgery
Prayers for inauguration, new administration, and unity

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, a privilege and honor to lead.  Love the dedicated PAX showing great numbers today and throughout the winter season, which has been pretty frigid with the exception of today.  Onward and upward!

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