Barbwire Hill

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/20/2021

QIC: Bear

PAX (9): Windex, Grease Monkey, Wild Thing, Squeak, Vanilla, Sellout, DD, Bear


While at the park with my kids, we “discovered” a pine straw hill that hadn’t been used for an F3 beatdown. My and my kids climbed up and slid down so we thought it would be fun my beatdown the next day.


Mosey along trail and stop for some squats, side straddle hops, toy soldiers, and then finally at the lake for some plank jacks.

The Thang:

Grab a lifting rock coupon from the lake bank and walk to barbwire hill below the pool / gymnastics buildings.

25 curls at the bottom, run / scuttle up to top; 25 hand release merkins. 3 sets

25 skull crushers bottom / 25 squat jumps top; 3 sets

30 bent over rows bottom / 20 burpees top; 3 sets

Mary after each round when you finish.

Walk back to coupon station.

Popcorn around to different people calling a different exercise for remaining minutes. bench press, bench extend over your head, bench side to side with rock, thrusters.

Mosey back to flag with some mary for 6 and then time called.


Erik’s (Vanilla’s friend) dad is facing a battle with Stage 4 cancer and it doesn’t look good.

Thundermeat race this weekend.

Talking with Blistex on Monday, we talked about how working out first thing in the morning is such a catalyst for improvement in other areas. When you start the day pushing yourself and getting better / stronger, you end up making healthier decisions in other areas of life. Eating, relationships, work, home, etc. It sets the tone!

Keep it up and it was an honor to lead this morning!

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