Running Around and Doing Stuff

AO: The Gladiator

When: 01/19/2021

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (15): Cheneral, Shiner, Dreamer, Bunyan, FNG (Federale), Speedo, Animal, Tebow, Laces, Scratchoff, Zohan, Brownie, Duggar, Tar Heel, Stroller


Scratchoff and Animal joined for a pre-run to help YHQ warm up for his first Q of 2021. There was a nice crowd assembled as we came in hot for the beatdown. Didn’t have time to do a good scan of the group so missed both our FNG and the return of Zohan, although Wicka Wicka’s absence was noted…more on that later


Let’s shake things up! Mosey through the parking lot and take the back way around the rec center. Circle up by the sprayground for warm-o-rama (all x12):

  • Windmill
  • Imperial Walker
  • Toy Soldier

Stay circled up for a round of Happy Jack: 5 IC SSH followed immediately by 2 Jump Squats, continue in same sequence until the Q calls it. We did 5 rounds, long enough for the PAX to get the coordination down and the heart rate up. Mosey to the soccer field


The Thang:

We held plank in the corner of the field as we waited for the six to come in. YHC was feeling comfortable, so we stayed in the plank as an explanation of the Dirty Deuce was given. 4 rounds of 3 exercises (one upper body, one lower body, one core), after each round take a lap around the field. All exercises in cadence to a count of 12. Cadence responsibilities were shared amongst the PAX Exercises were as follows:

  • Round 1: Mercan, Squat, Freddy Mercury
  • Round 2: Diamond Dry Dock, Monkey Humper (welcome FNG!), Buzzsaw
  • Round 3: Plank Jack, Lunge, V-Up Hammer
  • Round 4: Crab Cake, Smurf Jack, LBC

Wicka Wicka’s absence was noted again when his specialty exercises came around!

Next routine was a throwback from the Sasquatch Challenge:

Jacob’s Ladder between the baseline and the red line. 5-10-15-20 reps of each of SSH, 8-count Bodybuilder, BBSU, American Hammer, and Flutter Kick. Some held air chair for the six, others kept going.

Time still on the clock, so burpee broad jump down the field, switch back and forth with running at the Q’s discretion. Made it down the field and returned back, 10-count before heading back to the flag.

Tebow kicked off Mary with Mountain Climbers, then we did a Ring of Fire. Still time on the clock for T-Bombs, American Hammers, Mountain Merkins, and Dollys with Shiner’s unique cadence. Maybe there was something else. It was hard, it was fun


  • We named Federale. YHC is very proud that I remembered to have him fill out the FNG form
  • Praise for Speedo’s dad’s Covid recovery
  • Praise for Dreamer and his M expecting again!

YHC gave the men a challenge of two ways to be more positive in their language:

  1. Use “Get to” instead of “Have to.” Think of everything as an opportunity to glorify God, and remember how blessed and fortunate we are to have these things to worry about
  2. Use “and” instead of “but.” “But” negates everything that comes prior and is a sign of disagreement. Try to use “and” to support what someone else is saying while also adding to the conversation.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s a great day to have a great day! Thanks for starting it with me

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