Bearly Dialing it up to 11

AO: Firehouse

When: 01/19/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (8): Script kiddie, Suarez, Buckeye, Lightweight, LifeLock, Schneider, Skynyrd, Ace Ventura


Script kiddie woke to an email that was anticipated, the final approval of the Firehouse AO logo and shirts.  Once a quick review by the PAX we gave the final approval and now the wait to get the link to order the AO shirts.
As everyone rolled in and tried to stay warm we waited for the last of the PAX to show up and for Script kiddie to send a quick email to give final approval of the shirt/logd design then we started the mosey


The last few Beat Downs had been next level and to keep up with that, or at least try to a plan was formulated
Warm up time
Moseyed to the spot and let the games begin
Copperhead Squats
Copperhead merkins

Then on to the Thangs

The Thang:

It was time to clip a few coupons and  Cusack  to the first Thang

Thang 1:

We did a quick Cusack to the top of a hill we had not used in several BeatDowns to start, after looking at the hill and calling out what we were about to do everyone quickly remembered why the hill was not often used, Thang 1 was 11s
We stumbled down the hill and started with 1 V-up and up the hill for 10 Wonder bras (take the coupon and push it out, then back to the chest, then push it up, and back to the chest)
Down the lovely hill and did 2 V-Ups and then up for 9 wonder bras,
Repeat till we were at 10 V ups and 1 wonder bra
I was impressed at how quickly and effectively the knocked out the 11s so had to modify on the fly and that lead us to Thang 2

Thang 2:
There were 8 HIM(High Impact Men) present so time for DORA
100 Curls with one HIM running and the other doing the exercise
200 Skull Crushers
300 Squats
Again they knocked that out with efficiency so I had one more Thang to do that brought joy to all when it was announced<— SARCASM ALERT

Thang 3:

The ring of fire had been done before so it was time to dial it up to 11
Time to Bear crawl until someone said stop, then have 1 PAX do 5 merkins will the other HIM planked
That went on till all the PAX got a chance to call out stop and do the 5 merkins.  Special thanks to Schneider for taking it to another level with the long distance bear crawls.

At that point it was time for Mary to make a visit
Freddie Mercuries
Leg raises 2 rounds of that
windshield wipers
American hammers (a lot of them thanks again to Schneider)


After that and a sigh off relief that the “fun” was over we asked for pray requests

Continue to pray for Skynyrd’s daughter as she recovers from a torn ACL
Prayers for this country as tomorrow is when the inauguration occurs.

Time for pray and Post BD pics and for the PAX that needed to go to head out for the day

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We started the Post BeatDown run again today and props to Ace Ventura for joining in the run, Lightweight, Schneider, Script kiddie, and Ace Ventura started off on the run, Ace was new to the group but did a great job in completing part of the run, and I know he will be covering the whole distance in a few weeks.  and thanks to lightweight for being the encouragement to keep Ace going, Schneider and Script kiddie keep it up and waited for light weight to join back up with us and then get ahead of us,  Schneider  helped us complete 4 miles and end a BeatDown plus post run in style.

I have said it many times I am so thankful for the men of F3_Firehouse how we push each other to  be better men/fathers/leaders in every way!

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