Hamilton Karaoke

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/11/2021

QIC: Raider

PAX (13): Juul, AFLAC, Swamp, Cutie, Bear, Yao Ming, Sellout, Bieber, Hasselhof, Norm, Toby, Scratch off, Raider


As my wife is a big fan of the Broadway musical “Hamilton”, she recently suggested I do a themed BD to the soundtrack.  I checked when Alexander Hamilton’s birthday was, and so have it was Jan 11th.  So I knew this was going to be a risk with the PAX and expected some friendly fire, but went ahead to see how the response would be.


11 SSH

11 Mountain climbers

11 Windmills

11 Weekpickers

The Thang:

Setup 6 stations with a poster listing the exercises and the theme song.  PAX repeated the exercises at each station until the end of the song.

Was surprised to hear how many crooners we have in the Wreck!

Station 1 – Alexander Hamilton song
get coupons
Overhead Press
Skull Crushers
Chest Press
Station 2 – Aaron Burr song
Romanian Deadlifts
Jump Squats
Station 3 – My Shot and Washington song
Donkey Kicks on Wall
Stone Mountains at far end of parking lot
Station 4 – King George song
Flutter Kicks
Reverse Crunches
Box Cutters
Station 5 – National Debt song
Crab Cakes
Monkey Humpers
Station 6 – Duel song
American Hammers
Big Boys

Returned to the flag for Name-o-Rama.  No time for Mary.


Breakfast for Bronco on 1/15

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