Capture the Flag Part II

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 01/16/2021

QIC: Cookie @cookie_f3

PAX (11): Boomer, Haha, Feathers, Sunshine, Youtube, Zohan, Honey Glazed, Delta, Skippy, Pumba


11 PAX for the main event and several for the pre-ruck.  Last week YHC brought Capture the Flag to the Rubicon and it was a big hit, so I decided to bring part II to the Widowmaker.  Here is what went down:


Mosey to the back parking lot for:

  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Imperial Walker
  • Circle Burp

Head back to the turf field for the main event.

The Thang:

Split into 2 teams for Capture the Flag.

GAME SETUP & RULES:  Each PAX gets a pool noodle (cut in half) color coded to their team’s color.  The field is wide and fairly short, with a half field line of cones and a set of cones making an arc around each side’s flag, sort of like a penalty box in soccer.  On your side of the field, you are in defense mode and have to be in a crabwalk position the entire time.  On the opponents side,  you are in offense mode, staying in bear crawl on that side.  The goal is to hit the flag (which consisted of a “slow for children” sign with flag attached) which scores 1 point.  If a team scores, everyone goes back to their side, the opponent must do 5 burpees and the team that scored does SSH until the other team is done.  If you are tagged by an opponents pool noodle on the offensive side, you stand up and do 5 squats, then run back to your side.  When you are on your side in defense mode you cannot be tagged, rather you are looking to tag out their offensive players.  The key to this setup is that the bear crawl is slightly faster than the crabwalk which gives the offense a better chance to score leading to a higher point total.  We used a 90’s rock playlist to jam to.

After 35 minutes of non-stop action, we took a quick break for a:

  • Dora 1-2-3 in the parking lot.  Partner 1 runs while partner 2 does the exercise.
  • 100 merkins
  • 200 squats
  • 300 LBC’s

With 10 minutes left, we resumed play as the sun was rising across the horizon.  After a few more goals, we broke off for 2 minutes of Mary.


Prayers were spoken for sadclowns in the area that need something like F3 in their lives and how we can help bring it to them.  Big TCLAPS to the men who organized the No Longer Bound beatdown and lunch today.  It is great to see what impact F3 has had on the NLB men.

Always an honor to lead.


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