AO: Bad Apple

When: 01/13/2021

QIC: Ollie

PAX (7): Sprocket, Rusty, Brutus, Snax, Pony Boy, Zima


YHC decided to shake things up in a few ways with this working.  My beatdowns are typically characterized by little running and a hard rock playlist.  Decided to change that for at least this one time.


Side straddle hops

Mountain climbers

Weed pickers

Arm circles

The Thang:

Started out with a merkin mile.  We ran up to Hardscrabble and ran our way down to towards the traffic circle at Chaffin, stopping at each driveway and road crossing to complete 10 merkins.  After the last driveway we turned around and ran back.

The plan was to complete a quick morning call at the pull up bar but we briefly lost Pony Boy and reconvened at the flag.  Now it was time for the 90s rap mix, starting with Onyx’s Slam.  During the song, each PAX did squats until they heard the word “Slam,” at which point they completely a burpee.  FYI – they say Slam a lot at the end of the song.

We then completed two rounds of 11s – first round was LBCs and step ups, second round was reverse lunges and dips.


Prayers for Zima’s family on their loss of Zima’s father and for Deacon Scott Sparks, who recently passed away.

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