ALARM’s going off at Firehouse

AO: Firehouse

When: 01/14/2021

QIC: Schneider

PAX (6): Buckeye, Script Kiddie, Lightweight, Lifelock, Ace Ventura, Schneider


YHC was handed over the keys to the Firehouse to continue maintenance on the fields and continue paving the way to accelerating the PAX in 2021. QIC remembered as soon as he unlocked the gate and rolled out of his vehicle onto the asphalt, he forgot to grab his tic tock and slap it on his wrist (not to keep track of what time he needed to lock the gate back), but thanks to all the other HIM’s they had it covered. Man, getting old sux!!!!


After QIC quit rubbing his head trying to figure out how Script Kiddie was in the parking lot before gate was unlocked, he gathered the PAX up and began a short mosey around the parking lot to the “spot”. Before stopping at the “spot”, QIC hollered out to grab a coupon on the way by.


SSH x20

Moroccan Nightclubs x20

Randy’s x20

Weed Pickers w/coupon x15

The Thang:

After everyone warmed up, the tunes began from the jukebox and the PAX picked up their coupon and headed for a mosey down to the lower soccer/football field. PAX lined up on goal line.

Thang 1: ALARM

Catalina Wine Mixers x10

Sumo Squats w/Leg Lifts (with coupon) x20

Monkey Crunches x30

Reverse LBC’s (with coupon) x40

Mosey with coupon to other end of field and back to starting position

After a few rounds of the ALARM sounding and one PAX yelling out something as if time was getting out of hand, QIC decided to keep the momentum going by adhering to the ALARM going off and have everyone put on their gear to fight the fire.

Thang 2: Fire Drill

PAX formed a large circle and began fighting the fire until everyone was out safely.

Once the fire was put out, everyone grabbed their coupon and moseyed back to upper parkng lot to drop off coupon, then Yves Poll around parking lot to the flag for a short Mary since QIC couldn’t keep up with the time.

Mary consisted of Box Cutters thanks to Buckeye (like our abs weren’t puffed enough) and Ranger Merkins thanks to Script Kiddie (his favorite torture for the PAX, yeah some mummering going on).



Prayers for our great country. Continue prayers for Lightweight niece’s situation. Prayers for Ace Ventura’s friends situation their going through.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Enjoy time out ITG with these guys who help me be a better man mentally, physically & spiritualy.

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