National Work Harder Day

AO: Firehouse

When: 01/12/2021

QIC: Buckeye

PAX (8): Schneider Skynard Script Kiddie Ace Ventura Suarez Lightweight Buckeye Dash AKA Starbucks came in for the 2F


According to the Googles, today (January 12th) is National Work Harder Day. In celebration of that, 8 PAX got together for a VQ by Buckeye!


Mosey around the parking lot to the place known only as “the spot.”

Warm ups included:

SSH x 15

Weed Pickers x 15

Sun Gods x 15

Reverse Sun Gods x 15


The Thang:

Buckeye decided we were going to celebrate National Work Harder Day by going over to the playground and have some fun before the younger kids got there.

2 PAX grabbed coupons from the quarry to bring

Each PAX was assigned an exercise

Pull ups



Shoulder Press




The tunes were turned on to some classic rock, and the timer was set for 40 seconds of work with a 20 second break. During the 20 second break, each PAX moved clockwise to the next exercise station so that each PAX completed all 7 exercises.

After round 1, we moseyed around the parking lot.

Since we are trying to work harder, round 2 was 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest. Then a mosey.

Round 3 was 50 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest.

We headed back to the flag, but made a pit stop to knock out some curb dips on the way.

Back at the flag (or moved under the pavilion where it was dry), we worked harder on those abs with a round of Leg Raises, Freddie Mercurys, and finished with American Hammers.


Dash AKA Starbucks showed up and true to the name brought coffee!

We had a quick prayer with requests for unity among the country, prayers for Skynard’s daughter who has a torn ACL, and prayers for Lightweight’s family who had a loss of life of a niece’s husband.

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