166 Problems, but Accelerating Ain’t One

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 01/09/2021

QIC: Flo

PAX (24): Boomer, Dough Boy, Haha, Speedo, Birdie, YouTube, Meatball, Cox, Funion, Lil' Hurt, Pinky, Cookie, Sunshine, Saint20, Hot Sauce, Pumba, Feathers, Nacho Libre, TMI, Dosido, Pitstop, Skippy, Lotus


YHC has found over the last few years that the best way for me to make sure I make the Saturday workout is to lead it.  Glad there were a couple of other PAX (sarcastic tone) to be there with me.

PreBeatdown Events: We had 6 Ruckers led by Dosido and Nacho led a charge up a big hill with Saint and Hot Sauce.


Quick mosey around the lot with a few butt kickers and high knees.  Circled up for some SSHs, Copperhead Squats and Arm Circles- all IC

The Thang:

Thing 1:  Speed work

We broke the soccer field up in 6 segments.  The end lines were each a segment and the sidelines were each 2 segments giving us that six total.  We ran around the soccer field as follows.  Slow (recovery type) Mosey a segment then all out a segment. Slow (recovery type) Mosey a segment then all out 2 segments.  We followed this pattern until we hit on and six.  Plank work while we collected the six.  The goal was to get a distinct change of pace so exaggerate the pace on the slow side and do the best you can on the fast runs.

1slow-1fast; 1slow-2fast; 1slow-3fast; 1slow-4fast; 1slow-5fast; 1slow-6fast…and done.

Thing 2: Super 30s

YHC pulled this one out of the old wrestling hat (or singlet).  We moseyed over to the Widowmaker Hill grabbing a “toting” coupon on the way (some were a little ambitious with their selection, while others were a little conservative).  F3 hint, watch and see what the Q grabs b/c he is really the only one that knows what the next step will be.

Moseyed to the bottom of the hill and gathered the PAX to set up Thing 2.

YHC handed out 4 exercises (Merkins, Squat/Curl/Presses, LBCs, and Lunges).  Each round would consist of those four exercises followed by a mosey up the hill (with coupon) to the manhole and back.  Simple set up, but lots of reps.  We started at 30 reps of each and worked our way down by three each painful round to 27, 24, 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3,  1.  If you finished it all then you did 166 reps of each exercise.

**YHC called a couple of audibles along with way to keep the group together and due to time, but the above was the gist.



  • F3 Alpha and NLB are moving forward with our partnership to enhance the NLB experience for their residents with Fitness, but most importantly Fellowship/Faith.  Many have forged this path with them and we look forward to taking it up to the next level.  A few PAX are collecting money b/c F3 will be hosting a #beatdown and lunch for them next week.  Get with Pitstop if you want to help.  Space is limited for the event, but $ is welcome.  Pitstop will be posting a Venmo link on Slack so we can get behind them with resources.  Also, don’t forget about the weekly joint beatdown at Caney Creek.
  • Keep pushing fellas, now is a great time to EH guys due to resolutions and our outdoor offering.  F3 is like the perfect multi-level marketing organization that is looking to give something away for free!
  • YHC came across an F3 Twitter support channel for those suffering with anxiety and depression.  F3MentalBattle @f3battle.  If you are struggling know that it sucks, it is normal, you can persevere, and you are not alone.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to be part of this group and blessed to be able to lead!





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