Is this a trail or a bad idea?

AO: The Norseman

When: 01/07/2021

QIC: Callahan

PAX (12): Dr. Rico, Blistex, Striper, TMI, Birdie, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, Saint2O, Ha-Ha, Pumba, Crikey, Callahan


Twas a brisk morning for the PAX.  Three for a pre-run and twelve for the after party.


Quick disclaimer, then short mosey down by the lake.  Circle up for SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers.  Headlamps on!

The Thang:

We moseyed down the path toward the “meditation area” which was quickly tainted forever as an unnamed PAX went half Bruce Lee half pole dancer with an impressive spin around the pole.  Hot Sauce…don’t do that again.  Woops.  He just got named.

Time for a trail run with pain stations along the way.  We started the journey with 10 merkins IC.  Then we hit the trails and found (after some mumble chatter and directions) our way up the trail to the church parking lot.  Bear crawls across the lot with a return trip via a crab walk.  Back to the trails down by the creek to the outdoor classroom for 20 dips IC.  Mosey up the hill to the playground for 10 pullups.  Then we moseyed over to the turf field area, found some curb and performed 20 calf raises IC.  That’s lap number 1.

We followed the road back to our starting point at Hot Sauce’s house of love.  10 more Merkins IC.  Back up the trail to the church lot, but this time we lunge walked all the way across the lot to the house…er, house of the Lord…thanks, Crikey.  Mosey back down past the creek to the outdoor classroom again.  10 Derkins IC.  Don’t worry about the boards creaking with each pushup.  Up the hill we went after our Derkins for a final round of pullups at the playground.  Across the lot and over to the turf field for 20 more calf raises IC.

YHC found some additional time so we hit the turf field and lined up on the goal line.  We ran 20 yards, then back pedaled 20 yards, switching back and forth each 20 yards.  We ran back across the field the same way, then back to the flag for Mary.

Freddie Mercury, Dolly, J-Lo, Dying Cockroach finished up the beatdown in fashion.


Prayers for our country in this time of turmoil.  Let’s remind ourselves that Jesus is our ultimate gift in life, and our lives should reflect the love that he has so greatly given to us.  As we see things get crazy on both sides of the aisle, we can always remember that there is a true constant in Christ that allows us to call each other brothers.  Regardless of our age, race, occupation, political affiliation or football team, we are all brothers in Christ.  Let’s lead our families and our teams in love as we seek to model the love of Jesus.  Thankful to call each man a friend and a brother.  F3 is more than a workout to me, and I appreciate each man pushing me to want to better myself in all areas.

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