Cinder Circuit

AO: The Rubicon

When: 01/05/2021


PAX (17): Pinkey, Special K, Devito, Lumbergh, Updike, Tech Support, Isner, Lefty, Cookie, Pitstop, Stiff Arm, Lil' Hurt, Nomad, Pass Interference, Fanny Pack, Focker, M.T.


Always love turning the page into a new year at the home AO.  It’s like starting over fresh for the 5th time and it feels that way with a relatively new group of committed pax.  3 committed pre-runners (Pinkey, Lumbergh, Lefty) came rolling in to greet a big group of 14 others (well 13 others, Isner was a bit tardy snoozing a tad too long this morning).


A gentle loop around the parking lot and a warm up at the cinders
Walking Mercans X10
Weed Pickers

The Thang:

After depositing our cinders/coupons at the base of FOD Hill, we advanced to the central building.  1 Lap together for the pax to learn the circuit which consisted of the following:

20 second BTTW
20 Mercans
20 Monkey Humpers
Advance to Coupons
20 Curls
Bernie Sanders up the hill and back down
20 Rows
Bernie Sanders repeat
20 Presses
Advance to Home Plate
5 Burpees
Lap around FOD, exit back to Central Building to begin the next circuit

Most finished 4 complete circuits and a few were close to 5 but hard work was done by all.  Some Blockee’s to finish


Cookie gave honorable mention to our new Suwanee AO and an FNG with Parkinsons who was out there putting the work in.

Pitstop leading the charge on a workout/cookout coming up at No Longer Bound possibly this Saturday or next.  Watch for details

Reminder about NLB men running in the next Thundermeat Endurance Race on 1/23.  Come support them.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

A personal reminder not to take for granted all the amazing impacts of F3.  It’s human nature to get a little numb after so many years but the reality is our growth / acceleration as a region is better than ever.  We have a small army now and with that comes more ideas, more innovation, more impact on men and our community, more workouts and more friends.  In fact it’s always sad when a man stops coming and fades away because there is that feeling that he is missing out.  Conversely, it’s awesome when a Kotter reappears and becomes recommitted.

Always an honor to lead this fantastic group!

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