AO: Bad Apple

When: 01/04/2021

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (8): Miller Time, Rusty, Devito, Snax, Brutus, Ollie, Pony Boy


18 hours behind the wheel from San Antonio to the Ros was reason enough to inspire the Q to start the first Monday beatdown of 2021 with a beatdown that only could’ve been invented in the crucible of 2020. (heh, heh)


Flag planted, disclaimer given, YHC led the PAX on a 400ish meter run, circled them up and continued with SSH’s(IC), walkout Merkins(OYO), OH lunges(dbl cnt/OYO),Mtn Climbers x20

The Thang:


Time do get down to business. This workout is simple: 400 squats without rest and fingers touching the pavement to ensure PAX were squatting with good form. IF a PAX had to rest, the penalty for doing so was 20 lateral flys+40 mtn climbers. Simple–NOT easy. Yes, penalties were taken. Props to Devito for steadily cranking out the reps and Rusty for keeping 20# of armor plate on while doing work. PAX circled the lot to process the lactic acid produced and await the 6. After all PAX were ready to move on, YHC lead them to the pull up station for a round of morning call. 5 pull ups or chin ups with PAX in waiting for their turns pushing out Merks in cadence.

After morning call, it was time for 11’s at the hilltop: Stone Mtns/reverse lunge edition(dbl count). YHC needs to improve his enunciation as Devito began doing reverse LBC’s…(lunge? LBC? both do begin with the letter “L”)

Back to the pull up station for a final round of morning call with commando style pull ups w/PAX knocking out Merks in cadence. Back to the flag for 3 rounds of mary before time was called.


Thoughts and prayers for PAX and their families battling COVID-19, our nation and its leadership and all concerns too sensitive to share aloud.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

While I was glad to go home to San Antone to finish up the holiday season, I was especially thankful to return to the Ros and sweat with the Alpha’s best PAX. Happy new year, gentlemen!

Sprocket out

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