Good Riddance 2020!

AO: The Norseman

When: 12/31/2020

QIC: Callahan

PAX (7): Nacho Libre, Pumba, Blistex, Ha-Ha, TMI, Brougham, Callahan


Roll up to the pavilion for a little mix of SSH, weed pickers, imperial walkers

The Thang:

Mosey over to Turf Field numero dos for the fun.  If 2020 was all over the place, then let’s get a head start on something consistent before we start 2021.  Blimps and Bombs are consistently solid choices…so we did them.  Starting with BLIMPS suicides at the goal line.  We increased the number of the exercise by 5 with each 10 yard line as follows…

5- Burpees

Run to the 10 yard line

10-Lunges (Alpha Count)

Back to the goal line – 5 burpees

Run to the 10, then perform 10 more lunges as before

Run to the 20 – 15 Imperial Walkers (Alpha Count)

Back to the goal line – 5 burpees

Continue this progression until you hit 20 Merkins at the 30, 25 Plank Jacks at the 40, then 30 Squats at the 50.

After this we started the BOMBS portion of the festivus in Dora fashion.  Partner 1 runs to the 50 while Partner 2 performs the exercise.  Switch after the run and increase in count.  25 Burpees, 50 Overhead Claps, 75 Merkins, 100 Big Boy Sit-ups, 125 Squats


We still had a little time, so we returned to the pavilion, then down to the wall du dip.  20 dips in cadence.  Mosey back to the pavilion.  10 Derkins in cadence.  Back to the wall.  20 dips in cadence.  10 Irkins in cadence.

Back to the flag.


Adios 2020…

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