Lightweight’s VQ

AO: Firehouse

When: 12/31/2020

QIC: Lightweight

PAX (5): Lightweight Script Kiddie Schneider Suarez Lifelock


Script Kiddie, Schneider, Suarez and Lifelock all came back from Tuesday’s beatdown to a nice 42 degree weather with a light mist. We kept mostly under the pavilion for the work outs and headed into the mist for our runs.


Jogged to the rally point for intro and exercises and this is the list of warm ups

Side saddle hops
Weed picker
Sun God

The Thang:

Jogged to the pavilion to start the VQ beatdown. We did 3 rounds of each work out.

10 Merkins
15 reverse crunches
20 lunges (10 per leg)
15 dips
10 burpees

Run Lap around parking lot

10 Derkins
15 leg raises
20 side saddle hops
15 squat jumps
10 per leg dead cockroach amputee (one leg up crunch/arm raise)

Run Lap around parking lot

Repeat 3x

Once that was done we moseyed to the pole and did a round of Mary

Lifelock started us a round of crunches
Schneider gave us butt pain with American hammers
Script Kiddie with Ranger merkins (merkins with arms placed at chest level not shoulder level)
Suarez with windshield wipers
Lightweight brought us home with leg raises

This is a great PAX that helps push each other to bigger and better things


After the count and name-0-rama asked for pray request

Request for health, and traveling mercy for everyone

Also talked about the New Year and things we can work on to help build us.

Prayed and wished everyone a happy new year.

Group Photo then time to start the day or head to the past BD run

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After the BD those that stayed for the run started off slow with Script Kiddie, Schneider, Lightweight, and Lifelock running to sit in the truck. At the 1.25 mile marker Lightweight was still filling the pain from Tuesdays 4 mile run and was calling it quits so Script Kiddie and Schneider followed him back to the cars where Lightweight and Script Kiddie finished at 1.42 miles. Schneider continued on to finish a total of 4 miles (killing it). Another great BD to get us to next week.

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