AO: The Hooch

When: 12/30/2020

QIC: Lotus

PAX (8): Dinghy, Readymix, Sunshine, Flow, Feathers, Saint2O, Lotus, FNG-Radar


We were 8 PAX strong at the Hooch, including 1 FNG. Welcome, Radar!


Warmup was a mosey up and down the parking lot, interspersed with butt kickers, bear crawls, inch worms, and skip hops.

The Thang:

The thang was a tabata workout (20 seconds on | 10 seconds off) comprised of six exercises.

1. Merkins
2. Goblet squats
3. American hammer
4. Dead lift
5. Burpees
6. Calf raises

We did 6 rounds total (1-minute rest after rounds 2 and 4)

The emphasis for each round was proper form, not number of reps (quality over quantity)

Ended with a round of CYO Mary


Prayers for our brothers traveling, dealing with health issues, and families.

Special BD this Friday, 1/1 at the Widowmaker at 7am.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Everyone got their money’s worth today.

Today’s playlist:

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