2020, Go Ruck Yourself (WHO approved)

AO: Big Creek

When: 12/30/2020

QIC: @F3Inseam

PAX (7): Hushpuppy, Snowman, Swiper, Von Trappe, Blistex, Deuce, Inseam


YHC promised a themed BD in his slack call out the night prior. The theme was stated, “Goodbye 2020, go ruck yourself.” Rucks were encouraged but not required. Later that evening YHC thought to himself, “all themed beatdowns need a playlist…what in hell do you play for 2020?” …well follow along, I’ll explain how we got to were we got.

YHC was gifted a record player he had his eyes on for years. (total surprise, it was fantastic). YHC and M went vinyl hunting this past weekend and scored big. A part of that score was The Who. While sampling our score throughout the week, we finally got to The Who record last night…..that’s when it hit me… the WHO has been in the news all 2020 (world health organization)… The Who is a fantastic band… enter 2020 BD with a fully Who playlist!!!

YHC alluded to how we arrived at The Who during the disclaimer. It appears the average time for the realization to set in was about 121 minutes. Playlist was as follows:


Mosey on down to the usual spot for SSH, Cotton Mills, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, all IC.

Ruckless pax were then instructed to grab a coupon from the trusty coupon pile. Coupons in hand, we moseyed up to the big A parking lot for Thang 1.

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Partner off. P1 cusack with ruck/coupon (“ruck”) while P2 sprints 50 yards and back. Partners flapjack. This repeats with 100 yards and 50 yards again. Now sufficiently warm we head towards The Hill….swerve…lets try out the forgotten corner with the new sidewalk.

Thang 2:

Having arrived at the Forgotten Corner we set up shop at the base, behind the towering green giants. The main even looked a little something like this.. Partner up in groups of 3. Think Dora but a little worse. P1 reps it out, P2 runs hill-n-back, P3 cusacks. When the runner gets back all partners rotate. Exercises are all performed to 100 as a group. They were as follows: (well at least the ones I can remember at this point)

  • Ruck Squats
  • Merkins
  • Curls (for gurls)
  • BBSU w/ ruck
  • Seal Clap
  • SSH
  • Overhead Press
  • Burpees


Mosey back to the flag for 4 MOM. The highlight being another “I see what you did there” from YHC…20 LBCs IC followed by 21 LBCs IC.

Give thanks. Replace “have to” with “get to”. Gave thanks for many things, including 2020, albeit good riddance as well. Pray for various pax happenings and such.

New years convergence at Widowmaker Friday at 0700.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I f****** love F3 and you guys. Another year in the books and another year spent accelerating. I mean, what a complete trash year 2020 has been, but having F3 and you guys in my corner made SUCH a difference in my outlook throughout the year. We all had every opportunity to be stagnant, or worse, decelerate. So many of you guys suffered unthinkable loss and/or hardships, but you all made it out each morning, clung to your brothers, and came out the other side stronger, wiser, better. For me, you guys pushed me to look at my marriage through a different lenses (whether you knew it or not), kept me sane during the toughest semester of college in my life as I began my masters degree, pushed me to continue losing weight, pushed me to do crazy things like the Quad. I got to backpack part of the AT and make new friends with some great PAX, etc etc. This list goes on and on. When I really sit back and look at my “crap” year I see so many great things to be thankful for….F3 and Alpha were a big part of all of it.

Here’s to 2021 boys! See you on the other side.

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