Feeling like BLIMPS

AO: Firehouse

When: 12/29/2020

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (5): Suarez, Lifelock, Lightweight, Schneider, & Script Kiddie


After a nice long weekend and to much festive food intake it was time to get back on track, lightweight and lifelock were the first to arrive with Script kiddie, Suarez and Schneider rolling in after, we did a quick moment of catching up and then stretching and then the call to mosey was heard


Moseyed to the rally point for intro and exercises and this is the list o’ exercises for the warm up

Weed pickers
Added in explosive  merkins, since ligtweight stated his arms were sore
Then sun gods
Reveres sun gods

The Thang:

Moseyed to the soccer field (field 2A) to start the beatdown, I mention with all the food eaten, I am sure we all felt like BLIMPS so in honor of that feeling I found this “fun” work out on the exicon
B 5  Burpees
L 10 Lunges
I  15  Imperial walkers
M 20 Merkins
P  25 Plank jacks
S 30 Squats
Then ran the length of the field and back
Repeated that 4 times

After that we had time to spare so lightweight suggested we
Bear crawl or lunge to one line complete 5 merkins
Bear crawl or lunge to next line complete 10 crunches
Run back to start and complete
10 merkins, 10 SSHs, 20 LBCs

Once that was done we moseyed to the pole and did on quick round  of ring of fire, with 10 merkins each, that was nice
Then on to the round of Mary
Suarez started with windshield wipers
Lightweight then added in leg raises
Lifelock gave us a round of big boy setups
Schneider flipped us over to make sure we were well done on both sides giving us shoulder taps
Script Kiddie finished with Ranger merkins (merkins with arms placed at chest level not shoulder level)

Each PAX pushed themselves and I am proud to know each man and how they have helped push themselves and the men around them to become stronger.


After the count and name-0-rama asked for pray request

Request for health, and traveling mercy for everyone

Also paused and gave praise for all the good things that came out of this crazy year, thankful for health and employment.

Prayed and wished everyone a happy new year if they were not able to make it out to F3 firehouse Thursday 12/31,

Time to start the day or head to the past BD run

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After the BD we drug our feet a bit but lightweight, Schneider, Script Kiddie, & Lifelock all head for a run, the first  mile was at a sub 10 minute pace, great job! then we kept going and at 3.2 miles it was decided to push on to reach 4 miles and with Schneider and Lightweight leading the way and script kiddie bring up the rear we all finished the run, Great job to all that ran and this truly proves the fact that “It does not get easier, we just get stronger” and we all push each other to become better, after that we got a quick pic of the PAX that were still there and plan to do this again, before everyone starts heading out for the day.
Total mileage Beat down included was 5.91 miles

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