Rusty’s jingle blocks and jingle bells

AO: Bad Apple

When: 12/23/2020

QIC: Rusty

PAX (7): Sprocket, Turbine, Brutus, Snax, Pass Interference, Ollie


“It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year…”  I asked the PAX to bring a “Sally” (half-cinder).  If they didn’t have one, a kettlebell would do.  I got the Christmas station que’d up.  It’s a balmy 37 degrees.  Perfect, let’s go!


Windmill x 10

Mountain Climber x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

Toy Solider x 10


The Thang:

Cusack with your block or bell.  When the Q calls out “Jingle Blocks”, the PAX must drop to do 5 blockies.  When the Q calls out “Jingle Bells”, the PAX must do 10 curl/overhead presses with their block or bell.  Follow me for a brisk walk with your coupon…

After we get to the gazebo across the street from Sweetapple Elementary, our plan is to do 4 rounds.  Each round will have 3 decending sets – 30 reps, 20 reps and 10 reps.

Round 1: Dips + Curls w/coupon while in a squat (30, 20 and 10 of each).  You have to complete both exercises at the same rep count before you go down to the next rep count.

Round 2: Step-ups + Skull Crushers w/coupon

Round 3: Incline Merkins + Overhead Press w/coupon while in a squat

Round 4: Decline Merkins + Extensions (pushing outward) w/coupon wile in a squat

Brisk walk to the hill.  At the bottom of the hill, the PAX lines up.  The first person in line carries their coupon up the hill, does 5 merkins, then comes back down.  The next in line goes.  All the while, the rest of the PAX does V-swings with their coupons.  After we get to the end of the line, we reverse it back.  The person up the hill does the same thing (carries coupon, 5 merkins, carries it back down), but this time, the PAX holds their coupon over their head, while doing squats.  We get through the line a second time, then, time!  It’s 6:15am.


Prayers for Hombre and his family after they got into a fatal crash.  Thinking about them as they go through their recovery and grieving process.  Also, prayers for all in the PAX today, all that normally come to Badapple (and all F3 PAX) and our community.  Let’s make sure we take this time to pause and appreciate our blessings – our families, loved ones, community and everything in our life that makes it so great.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I appreciate this group.  We all push each other and cheer for each other.  It’s a special group that I’m fortunate to be a party of.

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