Pyramid Scheme (Suarez VQ)

AO: Firehouse

When: 12/22/2020

QIC: Suarez

PAX (7): Buckeye, Skynyrd, Schneider, Suarez, Lightweight, Lifelock(FNG), Script Kiddie


This was Suarez’s VQ, and there was some anticipation for what was to come, all was revealed when he pulled out the Weinke for the days festivities, so once it was time to start 7 PAX including Lightweights 2.0 started the mosey to the warm up point


Once we got to the rally point we started with the following warm ups

Weed pickers
Wind mills
Sun gods
Reverse sun gods

At that point Suarez called it to stay where we were to start the Thang

The Thang:

Suarez pulled out his Bluetooth speaker and invited us to a Rave, with upbeat music that got us moving, and this is where the pyramid scheme came into play

10 Explosive Merkins (Merkin where you go down counting 1-2-3 and explode up on 4)
20 Squats
30 Mountain Climbers
40 Hillbillies/High knees
50 Side Straddle Hops
40 Hillbillies/High knees
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Squats
10 Explosive merkins
We then took a run and did the pyramid 2 more times
All totaled it was 750 reps
We then took the long way home/back to the pole, lead by Schneider
And did a round of Mary with the following fun filled exercises
Schneider called out Scissors
Script Kiddie picked Freddie Mercuries
Skynard called for LBCs
Lightweight went with Leg Raises
Lifelock(FNG) introduced us to X Jacks
Buckeye called Boxcutters
Suarez finished it with Windshield wipers
Great job on a VQ that my legs are going to remember for the next day or few!


We talked about travel plans and staying at home plans also with everyone either traveling or having family over we made the call to not have the BD on Christmas Eve, so we all wished each other a Merry and safe Christmas

Prayers were requested for safe travels and health for everyone this Christmas season.

We then got the honor of naming Lightweights 2.0 aka the FNG and we landed on Lifelock so welcome to the F3 nation Lifelock

Also made the call on the logo for the AO, so just a bit more cleaning up and will send it to Ha-ha to review and submit so we will have an official logo tied to F3_Firehouse, thanks for all the input and a special thanks to Lightweight and Lifelock on all the hard work to make it look awesome!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Most of the PAX headed out but, in true dedicated runner form, lightweight, Schneider, and Lifelock took a post BD run, great job!

As mentioned before no BD on Thursday/Christmas Eve so we can spend more time with friends and family but will be ready to work off the Christmas cheer starting next Tuesday.

Merry Christmas and remember even coal is a good gift on cold Georgia days.

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