Burpee Blood-Drive Reminders

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 12/19/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (22): Meatball, Ha-Ha, Dosido, Shrinkage, Birdie, Youtube, Funion, Cox, NRA, Speedo, Stroller, TMI, Pass Interference, Pitstop, Nacho Libre, Feathers, Animal, Boomer, Saint2O, Hot Sauce, Delta, Zohan.


We had 8 for the Pre-Ruck. One of them RNG (Maytag) and 2 FNGs who started training for 12 miler Star Course but didn’t stay to get named. Hope to see them again.

As we came back from the ruck, which featured Sally (Sandbag) and Wilson (log), it was great seeing a huge crowd of PAX standing ready.


I promised the PAX over Slack a 5-burpee waiver per person who signed up for the blood drive. After the disclaimer I asked for a count – We had 10 people this morning. That’s a 50 Burpee waiver!

The ‘at its worse’ plan was to stop every 5 minutes for whatever we were doing for 10 Burpees, for a total of 100. With the waiver it became 5 Burpees every 5 minutes. YHC planned to start 5 minutes in, but forgot to change the TABATA app after testing it so the first set of burpees begun 20 seconds in.

We moseyed to the cul de sac outside of the park and did some SSH, Hill Billies, Squats and Merkins IC. And another set of Burpees.

The Thang:


At the cul de sac we partnered up. 100 BBSU, 200 Shoulder Taps alpha count and 300 Imperial Walkers single counts. The other PAX Bear Crawls, Crab Walks or Lunges half the circle and runs back. Don’t think I saw anyone Crab Walks. Can’t figure out why.

If I counted correctly, which is doubtful, we stopped 3 times for Burpees.

The gazelles, led by Boomer, I think, started with Flatter Kicks and YHC called for Monkey Humpers. The 6 rolled in just as it was time for more burpees.


We moseyed back to the park and toward the pavilion. YHC called to pick up heavy coupons for 11s – Squats (with the coupon) at the top of the stairs and Dips at the bottom. Though the dips were without the coupon – except for Pitstop that got extra credits [respect] – the key was to carry the heavy coupon up and down the stairs.

Since time waits for no one we did more burpees even before picking up the coupons and certainly a couple more while there.

Absolutions and Pull ups

We returned the coupons and moseyed to the playground. More Burpees on the way.

At the playground YHC demonstrated Absolutions twice – a devilish 8-count that combines Groiner, Makhtar and a Low Plank Jack. We did 10 of these IC and when the PAX thought they were done with it YHC called for 10 more OYO and was rewarded with the appropriate sighs.

We moseyed to the Pull Bars and lined up against the fence. 3 PAX stepped forward to do 5 pull ups or 10 merkins while the rest did 10 single Bonnie Blairs. Based on the size of the PAX we had 7 rounds and more burpees in between.


We moseyed back to the flag for Gas Pumpers IC, American Hammers IC, 5 more Burpees OYO just in case we missed a rep and a few Box Cutters IC.


PI lost his mother this week and several PAX have ailing parents.

We talked about the blood drive (need a few more sign ups!) and workouts that will be opened or closed during Christmas.

This year the PAX can choose between TWO really horrible 1/1/2021 challenges, one led by Devito (24 hours to complete) and another at the Widowmaker. Details should be on Slack. And you can do both, of course.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Yesterday was a good day for me, right until the evening when we got back home from dinner outside and my son and wife started arguing yet again, breaking a 5 day truce or so. That really got me down. When I woke up this morning I hardly felt motivated to start the day but of course I came. Already during the Ruck the fellowship cheered me up and after the beatdown, when we sat for breakfast, I was able to share more and even get some good advise. Even without the advise, though, just sharing what’s on my heart helped. The fellowship F3 brought to my life sustains me and supports me and has been an utter game changer for me.

Fun fact: YHC was never able to do pull ups before (including my days in the IDF) but recently decided I reached the point it can be done and begun practicing at home. Today were my first pull ups in a BD. 5 ull ups were still tough but one day I’ll get to a murph level. That day may take some long time to come, but I trust the power of acceleration and commitment, plus the inspiration and motivation I get from the PAX.

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