Team Ha-ha for the Win

AO: The Norseman

When: 12/17/2020

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (12): Ha-ha, TMI, Birdie, Pumba, Crikey, Blistex, Dr. Rico, Delta, Shooter, Nacho Libre, Hot Sauce, and Saint20


YHC had the idea of teaming up and doing a challenge.  What a better way to go through the woods than with a team?  So the idea was set now we just needed even numbers and we were good to go.

So 3 pax chased Saint20 around for the pre-run.  He said he has been chasing his 2.0 High School CC runner around.  We finished mile 2 at a 7:30 pace and mile 3 sub 7:20.

As we got back to the flag we had 11.  Come on guys a prime number on top of the odd number?


Well all 11 headed out for a pre run of the challenge course.  The pax started off circling around Lake Norseman to the newly named festivus pole for a few squats.  Next, we headed down the amphitheater for a few derkins.  After the derkins, we went up the hill to the play ground for a few pullups.  Lastly we circled back to the flag for some burpees.

The course was set and the teams were being picked.  Haha with the first pick scooped up Crikey and then with the third pick he snagged the steal of the draft with Delta.  Haha showed true veteran leadership with his picks and even scooped up Pumba late.  As we were drafting a true festivus miracle happened.  Hot Sauce comes out of nowhere to even the teams.  Now we had three even teams of four and were ready for the game.

The Thang:

The course had four points of interest.  Each team had to complete 100 Squats, 100 Derkins, 100 pullups, and 100 Burpees.  The goal being which team could finish the most laps.

The veteran team of Ha-ha jumped out to an early lead followed by team shooter and team Saint20.  After two full laps it was still pretty close.  With about 10 mins left to go they all started on lap 3 and team Ha-ha was still in the lead.  Team shooter tried to throw some strategy pushing Birdie ahead to the pullups and the rest jumped on the merkins.  The plan almost worked as we had a photo finish with the burpees.  Team Ha-ha finished with 93 Burpees and Team shooter finished with 92.


Prayers for save travels over the holidays.  Blood drive 12/29.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A great effort by all today.  This was a beatdown for the Norseman history books.

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