Deal with it

AO: Firehouse

When: 12/17/2020

QIC: Script kiddie & AO

PAX (6): Lightweight, Suarez, Skynyrd, Buckeye, Schneider, Script Kiddie


Props to the 6 PAX that got up and motivated to join the cold/slightly windy morning to head out to the Beat Down, we got there ready to start the fun and due to a bit of miscommunication, on my part, there was no QIC for the morning and in true F3 form we  adapted and had a great Beat Down. so on to the fun.


Started the mosey and made it to the rally point to start the warm up we started the show with
12 SSH
12 Hillbilly
12 Weed pickers
12 Windmills
12 copperhead merkins
12 Sun gods
12 reverse Sun gods

After that we, as an AO decided to pull out our tried and true workout plan, the Deck of Death

The Thang:

We moseyed to the pavilion with Schneider stopping off to get the deck and the tunes, props to an awesome playlist starting with Eye of the Tiger and staying solid from there.
We then worked out the exercises tied to each suit
Skynyrd called out Dips for Diamonds
Suarez decided to go big with Diamond Merkins
Buckeye called out LBCs for Spades
Light weight helped finish the suits by calling leg lifts for Clubs

Then the real fun began the tunes were great and the choice of exercises helped loosen the muscles after Tuesdays BD, we rocked out a few cards then took a quick run,
After that we went to about half the deck and took another stroll
Then went to about 3/4 the Deck
Ran again this time Skynyrd lead the way, making me question his dislike for running,
We then finished the Deck and took one more run this time around everyone went all out, pushing themselves to finish the Thang with authority, Great job, for sure!

We then went to the flag pole and did one round of 4 count Merkin-mountain climbers and at that point we felt each one

This Q was truly group led and each PAX helping make it a bit better, reinforcing the fact that we all get better as we help/push each other


Asked for pray for the family of one of Lightweights  business associate that sadly lost his battle with COVID
Also asked for pray for everyone dealing with COVID and strength to help people stay health
Also pray as friends and family start traveling for the holidays

I took a chance to say thank you for every man there that has helped push me to be better in every aspect of my life, we truly are better as we encourage/motivate each other.

After that it was time to head out or head to the post Beat Down run.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Schneider, Lightweight, and I head out for a leisurely stroll aka 3.3 mile run.  Lightweight lead the way with Schneider right behind and me lagging behind but they kept pushing me to waddle on and not walk, like I did last time, but we all finished strong and we then hung out a bit and discussed the design of our AOs logo, and how we have missed some of the PAX that have not been able to make it out to Firehouse due to injury, family, COVID and work.   We then  headed out to start the day.

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