Partner Up, Partner Up… and just keep it Up

AO: Meathouse

When: 12/15/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (7): Boomer, Ready Mix, Meat Ball, Popper, Feathers, Homer, Flo

The Thang:

Partner Up #1

  • AMRAP Curls while partner ran the course. flip/flop
  • AMRAP Over Head Press / Skull Crusher while partner ran the course. flip/flop
  • AMRAP Rows while partner ran the course. flip/flop
  • AMRAP Squats while partner ran the course. flip/flop

Partner Up #2

We moved one row over to have a clear full aisle of parking spaces. The goal here was to continue moving and doing the partner swap out, running the course (though now shortened a bit… so carry your block with you)

  • Merkins would be done at each parking space line. Left side one line. Right side the next. YHC didn’t really explain this all that well, and I am even doing a job on describing it here… One arm on block merkins at each space. Eventually the partner teams worked their way down the entire parking deck and then back down the other side.

Before we left the parking deck, we proceeded to complete a Captain Thor. With or without your ruck/block.

After Thor, we rucked back up and grabbed our blocks and headed for the town green / fountain circle.

Keep it Up!

We’ve done a Ring of Fire with Merkins in the past, this would be an Over Head Press Ring of Fire. When you have to drop the block, you’re out and will plank. We had 7 Pax and I think we made it up to 80 OHP. Great job men.

With just a few minutes left we had some Mary. Flutter Kick, Dying Cockroach, Birth Canal, Dolly, LBC, Breakdance and Tempo Merkins.

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