Eight Crazy Nights

AO: Caney Creek

When: 12/16/2020

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Belay, J R, Blue Eyes, Knievel, Nomad, Hasselhoff, Lefty, Pit Stop, Ha-Ha, Pot Hole, Nacho Libre, Zohan


Rolled in a few minutes early to set the whiteboard and time some running. PAX started to come. Then a few more came. While I was giving the disclaimer another one or two came. Even as we started to mosey another car came. Today we had a huge crowd in Caney Creek terms. A Hanukkah Miracle!


Mosey in the parking lot. Finished the mosey with a bit of high knees and ass kickers. Did some Weed Pickers, Toy Soldiers and SSH. Couldn’t wait to start the thang so kept the WOR brief.

The Thang:

Crazy Eights

8 exercises, 8 reps each, 8 rounds. Each rounds ends with a run up and down the stairs, plank for the 6.

  • 8 Burpees
  • 8 Gas Pumpers
  • 8 Bonnie Blairs, alpha count
  • 8 Merkins (YHC suggested the PAX to do different kinds each round, e.g. wide, diamond, ranger…)
  • 8 WWII Sit Ups (similar to BBSU, but with straight legs)
  • 8 Jump Squats
  • 8 Plank Jacks, 4-count
  • 8 The Dolly, 4-count

We finished the main thang with about 12 minutes to spare, so YHC planned for some fillers.

We grabbed a wall for People Chair position.  15 Overhead presses IC.

Keeping People Chair, we raised right knee.  15 Overhead presses IC. Switch to raising left knee and 15 more IC.

Over to the pavilion. Split into two groups. One group run to the Stop sign at the entrance and back while the other stayed for AMRAP Step Ups. Switch. Then one group run around the roundabout while the other did Dips or Derkins (PAX’s choice) and switch.

We had time for some Monkey Humpers IC (15? 20? don’t recall) and called time.


YHC shared that in Hanukkah we light candles, starting with 1 at the first night and adding more till we have 8 on the last night, symbolizing brining light to the world which our role in life.

Hasselhoff is planning to climb mount Everest in 2025 and training is already starting. He is also collecting money for donations.

F3 Alpha has a Blood Drive on the 23rd. SIGN UP! You get to lie down for a few minutes and save lives in return.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As challenging as this year was, I am thankful for it as I was able to use the time to accelerate and I’ve seen many of my bothers in F3 do the same. Looking back at who I was before F3, I know for sure that without F3 and the PAX that inspire me I would have spent this year very differently and not for the better. The recent Santa Ruck also made me feel that we are accelerating as a region and that fills me with pride (the good kind) and with an appetite for more.

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