Wintery Road Trip!

AO: Firehouse

When: 12/15/2020

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (5): Schneider, Lightweight, Suarez, Skynard, Script Kiddie.


5 PAX decided to brave the cold to get a bit better plus, this was my first Q back since the dreaded COVID quarantine took me away from F3 Firehouse for a week, thankfully the family is now fully recovered, so with that I was on a mission to make sure I was up to the challenge and  decided to take everyone on a road trip that they should be feeling for the rest of the day.
Once everyone got there and chatted for a minute it was time to mosey and start the warm up


Took our normal mosey to the warm up point and did the following exercises
Weed picker
Sun gods
Reverse Sun gods
Then we headed to the starting point to start the road trip

The Thang:

We moseyed to the starting point then I let them know what was about happen, 2 of the PAX had taken this road trip before so when I mentioned that we would be traveling down Route 21,  they already wanted to turn back (This Beatdown is complements of my F3 Brother/friend Mouth2mouth and it is called Super Route 21, a simple work out that ramps up the fun)
The first light post we started out at we did 1 Merkin, 1 Big Boy Setup, 1 Squat
Ran to the next light post
2 Merkins, 2 Big Boy Setups, 2 Squats
Ran to the next light post
3 Merkins, 3 Big Boy Setups, 3 Squats
Ran to the next light post
4 Merkins, 4 Big Boy Setups, 4 Squats
And keep going until you reach
21 Merkins, 21 Big Boy Setups, 21 Squats
The total works out to be
231 Merkins, 231 Bib Boy Setups, 231 Squats
There was some mumbling and asking are we there yet but we started as 5 PAX and ended together sticking with the “Leave no man behind” F3 motto
When we were finally finished we all moseyed back to the starting point and every was jumping up and down… in the form of 10 Burpees. to finish the trip.
Then we moseyed back to the flag pole
Back at the flag pole it was time for a round of Mary
Lightweight decided to have us do  a leg lift and hold in place until he  stopped, fun stuff
Skynyrd had us shake of the trip with a round of J-Lo
Schneider had us do a round of Alabama prom dates/crab humpers, facing away from the flag pole, for sure (that may have been a subtle way to tell me what he thought of the Q, lol)
Suarez decided we needed to clean the windshield after the long trip so we did a round of windshield wipers
After all that I decided to ask, who wants to live forever by doing a round of Freddy Mercuries
Then we did a round of American Hammers to finish it off the Firehouse way.



At that point we did the name-o-rama and for the first time I got to give respect to the newest member of the 5-0 club Skynyrd, I missed his 5-0 beat down last week, much respect thrown his way since he is one of the founding members of F3 Firehouse AO
Praise for Skynyrd’s dad still doing good and the fact everyone is feeling better at my house, too
Prayer’s for Suarez’s Father-in-law as he recovers from COVID
Prayer’s for Suarez’s wife Cecilia as she prepares to start nursing school.
Also prayers for the people dealing with COVID, there seems to be a lot of new cases recently.
And to remember all the men that were not able to make it out this morning.

At that point it was time for pray and the men that needed to go to head out and start their day


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Afterwards lightweight, Schneider and I went for a post Beat Down run, which totaled 3.18 miles, Schneider and Lightweight went the distance and I was lagging a bit behind but managed to finish most of the run.  It was a great way to finish the Q and start the day.  I have to say I am grateful for each PAX and thankful I have the chance to know each man, looking forward to another round Thursday and seeing some who can make it out in the cold and gloom this morning

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