The 1 Die of Christmas

AO: The Rubicon

When: 12/15/2020

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (17): Dakt, Focker, Pinkey, Devito, Trebek, Fanny Pack, Lefty, Hanson, Updyke, Tech Support, Pass Interference, Pitstop, Waffles, Special K, Stiff Arm, Zohan


I really enjoyed the BD at Bad Apple last week and having worked so hard on my die I wanted to use it again. Rather than a straight repeat I went with a Christmas theme. Especially after taking the Q from Devito Grinch style.


Face the pool and circle the lot. A round of SSH, WP, and IW some arm circles, and covids and we head off to the FOD

The Thang:

There are numerous workout versions of 12 days of Christmas. I can’t think of that many exercises so I summed up all the gifts you would receive and listed the totals. That will act as the rep count. My die will determine the exercise. Therefore the 1 Die of Christmas (Imagine Dakt, or Stiff Arm is saying it and it works)

The die has Burpee, Merkin, LBC, Jump Squats, Run, and ? (Wild)

The counts are summed up based on the entire song:

  • 12 (partridges)
  • 22 (turtle doves)
  • 30 (french hens)
  • 36 (calling birds)
  • 40 (golden rings)
  • 42 (geese)
  • 42 (swans)
  • 40 (maids)
  • 36 (ladies)
  • 30 (lords)
  • 22 (pipers)
  • 12 (drummers)

We take turns rolling the die and doing that number of reps. Plenty of runs and wilds today. That brought on additional mary, dips, and bonnie blairs.

Burpees hit on that 42 geese.

We went through the board once and were halfway through when it was close to time. Back to the flag for some LBCs to time.


Big praise for those that turned out last Saturday and all that brought contributions. We expect this to be an annual event. It is reported we stocked their pantry until March.

Prayers for Lil Hurt’s recovery.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

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