4 corners x 5 plus 7’s

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/10/2020

QIC: Speedo

PAX (20): Bo Knows, Bunyon, Delicious, Stretch (FNG), Tarheel, Sticky (FNG, #Respect), Wicka Wicka, Meatball, Brownie, Zohan, Raspberry Pi, Stroller, Laces, Fire Drill, Spandex (#Respect), Cheneral, Kegger, Tebow, One Call


YHC has some Pax wondering if we would dust off the 12 pains of Christmas introduced during my VQ a year ago.  Since the Widowmaker PAX got to enjoy the 12 pains last Saturday and because YHC was still sore from that beat down, the goal today was to keep moving, full-body, no breaks until the end. Disclaimer was given (especially with two FNGs) and we were off.


Mosey to the parking lot next to Fouts Road (oh…that’s what that road is called!) for:

SSH x12

Weed Pickers x10

Imperial Walkers x10

The Thang:

Starting at the center of the parking lot PAX were instructed to run to a corner of the lot and do 25 regular merkins.  Run back to the center and do 20 Carolina Dry Docks (AKA Stone Mountains…thanks @OneCall).  Moving clockwise, head to the next corner and do 25 wide merkins.  Back to the center for 20 CDDs.  Next corner for 25 diamond merkins.  Back to the center for 20 CDDs,  Last corner was 25 hand-release merkins and we finished in the center with 20 more CDDs.

Since the PAX were so strong, fast, and excited, we rinsed and repeated…this time with 15 of each (regular, wide, diamond, HR) plus 15 CDDs in the middle each time.  For those keeping score, that totaled 160 merkins + 140 dry docks…and it wasn’t even 5:40 yet!

Mosey to next parking lot down the hill for another set of four corners but focus on legs:

  • 20 each Squats, Star Jumps, Lunges (alpha), and calf raises with 20 monkey humpers in the middle between each of those four exercises.

No one was complaining about their shoulders hurting at this point.  Bonus points given for calf raises done on a curb.

Rinse and repeat with 10 reps of each plus 10 monkey humpers in the middle.  Total reps for legs was 240 and the burn was real.

Mosey to the parking lot on the other side of the rec center.  Which muscles had we not burned out yet?  Yep…core/abs:

  • 25 each American Hammers, Supermans, LBCs, and gas pumpers plus 25 flutters (alpha) in the middle between each corner.  Total reps was 200

Multiple PAX were assuming a rinse/repeat on abs but, with timing running short, we moseyed to the road below the flag for some 7’s.  Run to the top for 6 burpees then down to the bottom for 1 big boi.  Repeat for 5/2, 4/3, etc.

We finished with some mary including box cutters, Makhtar N’Diayes (brutal choice Brownie), and dollies.  I saved the 10-count for the end.


We welcomed two FNGs…Stretch (son) and Sticky (father).  Both are very strong and will definitely push us to be better.

A reminder of Santa Ruck on Saturday.  Check Slack for details.

Prayers for Hitchcock and his family as he begins his Army Reserve assignment by driving to El Paso.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I always enjoy working out with the men of The Gladiator.  It’s especially fun when we such a great turnout.  Guys are meant to be in community, to push each other, to encourage each other and to be there for each other.  We do that every time we post for an F3 beat down.  Thanks for allowing me to lead today.

For those who enjoyed the music today, here’s the playlist:


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