Unity Not Infamy

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/08/2020

QIC: Tebow

PAX (13): Bo Knows, Kegger, Speedo, Spandex, Raspberry Pi, Delicious, Bunyan, Brownie, Laces, Tar Heel, Shiner, Stroller


The inspiration for this Q was stolen from a BB I found from F3 Knoxville, but I really liked the concept so went with it.


12 Merkins IC

7 Burpees IC


12/7/41 – The attack on Pearl Harbor

19 Boats and Canoes IC

19 ships were destroyed or damaged at Pearl Harbor

The Thang:

Up and down the hill by Eaves Rd

Top – 47 lunges

Bottom – 47 BBSU

Top – 47 Squats

Bottom – 47 flutter kicks

47*4=188 – There were 188 aircraft destroyed or damaged at Pearl Harbor

Moseyed back to the field picking up some coupons from the secret stash.

Suicides w stop at every 1/4 of field with coupon

25 curls, 25 upright rows, 25 squats, 25 kettlebell swings. Rinse and repeat but switched upright rows for regular rows.

As a group we did 3 blockees.

12 men (really 13, but the math for 12 is way easier) did 200 reps each for a total of 2400, then we did 3 blockees together to close it out.

2403 lives were lost. 2008 Navy, 218 Army, 109 Marines, 68 Civilians.

One more suicide with reps of 25, 25, 25, 22. 97 reps

merkins, monkey humpers, LBCs, squats

97% of Americans supported entering WWII after Pearl Harbor.

Returned the coupons and did a quick lap and closed out with dying cockroaches, pickle pounders, and American hammers.


Prayers for our friend Nathan as he is getting deployed this week to El Paso and for unity in this time of division.

Santa Ruck is Saturday at 0730.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It is always an honor to lead.  We suffered for 45 minutes, the attack on Pearl Harbor lasted 2 hours.  Hard to imagine the insanity it must have been.

15 Medals of Honor were awarded that day as well – I had mean to mix this in, but lost track.

Thanks for the support fellas!

  • Tebow out

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