lumberghathon: 2Fast2Furious

AO: The Norseman

When: 12/08/2020

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (13): White Claw, Hot Sauce, Legos, Callahan, Crikey, Dr. Rico, TMI, Lefty, Saint20, Nacho Libre, Ha-ha, Pumbaa


Back in the spring of 2019 I did a series of workouts at Rubicon that usually centered around a theme or just took a big swing at strange ideas. I labeled it lumberghathon and enjoyed the creative side of building a workout and challenging others. I couldn’t let 2020 go without doing it again so I found a week of open workouts in the region to make this a traveling show, worked on some graphics, and wrote out a personalized plan for each AO.

Norseman got a special peak at a pre F3 lumbergh. Jump on the slack channel if you want to see the old me.


6 came out for the prerun. It was Saint who just made the cut off as the last one in the lot. We get back to 7 others ready to go.

A mosey around the lot where we always face the flag. Circle up for SSH, WP, and IW, arm circles, and covids.

I ask for help because I can’t remember the way to get to the cinders [extremely audible groan] and the track.


The Thang:

We grab our blocks (or 7/8 block for Callahan) and find the gate chained and locked. Hmm, St. Francis security must be on to….oh, nevermind we can walk around it.

There are two things I can count on at Norseman. The group moving too fast through your BD plan, and Ha-Ha providing color commentary. I can only control one of those things.

Today we are slowing it down and keeping together. There is a lot of debate on slow reps to support form and build some mass. I think we will at least feel it today.

First corner: Curl Thrusters. Slow cadence and movement.
Run to the opposite corner.
Second corner: Squats. 3 count down, 3 count up. Similar to a copperhead squat.
Run the track bend to third corner.
Third corner: Merkin. (While I tried to explain the cadence would be similar to what we saw for the squat all that came out was “Like a squat” so now it is known merkins are just arm squats.) Slow count down without resting on the track then slow count up.
Run across field
Fourth corner: LBC. Squeeze your abs during the crunch to really feel it afterwards.

Second round:
1st: Skull Crushers. I got to about 7 when my own block was slipping. Controlled movement mess up the momentum you usually have.
2nd: Lunge. Focus on knee almost touching.
3rd: Diamond Merkins
4th: Flutter Kicks

Back at the first corner we do dips. Most opt for the bench while a couple of us try to balance on our blocks. At this point the count is a mess and our time is running out.

Back to the flag for some Homer/Marge and Crunchy Frogs


Santa Ruck collections ongoing. We saw a nice stack of items that got us a photo opportunity.

Prayers for Callahan’s wife for her endoscopy today and pending results.

Thanks to Ha-ha for his wifi enabled coffee

A little extra credit for a couple of pax to change a tire for Crikey.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was good to be back out at Norseman. So many new faces since the last time I was there. I will make sure to get this on regular rotation in 2021. Thank you to those that joined in and were lured in by the lumberghathon sales event. I hope to see you at Windjammer tomorrow.

Always a pleasure to lead this group.

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