AO: Firehouse

When: 12/08/2020

QIC: Schneider

PAX (5): Skynyrd, Buckeye, Lightweight, Suarez, Schneider


No windbreakers needed this AM but winter coats were on everyones mind. 5 PAX came rolling in the parking lot with heaters blasting like a pack of mountain bears that had been hibernating all winter and ready to shed their winter coats.


Skynyrd led all out for a short mosey around the parking lot to get the blood flowing then began all IC:


Weed pickers

Forward sun gods

Reverse sun gods

Now that he had the PAX wanting to shed their winter coats, he decided to continue with another mosey, YES, another mosey to the pavillion. Not the short route (Skynyrd loves to run, well okay I may be stretching it just a knuckle length) but the long route.

The Thang:

Once PAX reached the pavillion gasping for the cool air surrounding, Skynyrd cranked up his jukebox while Schneider pulled out his old man poker cards for a “deck of cards” BD. These are the ones he doesn’t need his glasses to see the numbers or letters.

Each suite represented a specific exercise as the number/letter on each card drawn represented the # of reps.

HEARTS – (#2 – #8) = SSH Burpee’s & (#9 – A) = Leg Raises

DIAMONDS – (#2 – #8) = Hand Release Merkins & (#9 – A) = Squat Jumps

SPADES – (#2 – #8) = Lunges x2 of card # drawn, yeah caught PAX off guard & (#9 – A) = LBC’s

CLUBS – (#2 – #8) = Plank Jacks x2 of card # drawn, yeah caught PAX off guard again & (#9 – A) = Dips

Schneider decided to throw in a few moseys around the lot intermittenly to balance everything out.

With time running low, PAX headed to the flag pole for some much needed Mary:

American Hammers

Hold in position, legs 6 inches off ground (brain fart on name) until ????? Skynyrd took gold on this one!!



Praise on Skynyrd’s dad still doing well.

Prayers for Suarez’s family member.

Prayers for Reuben & family.

Prayers for all PAX who couldn’t join in the fun.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Well well well, NO MORE DISRESPECT after today for Skynyrd………….yep, he’s joining a few of us others on the greener side (mmmmm) of the fence tomorrow. Happy early Birthday Skynyrd and a Happy Birthday to his M today!! RESPECT brother!!

Shout out to Lightweight for joining and motivating me on our 3 mile cool down run afterwards!! Missed the others joining in. Skynyrd had to run some errands or I know he would have been right beside us……………

Miss seeing all other PAX and hope everyone stays safe and well. SYITG

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