F3 Alphabet B’day Beatdown

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/04/2020

QIC: Circus

PAX (40): Meltdown, Windex, Goat, Pass interference, Bieber, Switch, Stroller, Cookie, Caffeine, Snax, Ha-Ha, Foley, Pony Boy, White Claw, Bronco, Swampdown, Cornhole, Norm, Juul, Zima, Brutus, Aflac, Squeegee, Scar, Double-D, Squeak, Deadbeat, Turbine, Millertime, Rusty, Sprocket, Yao Ming, Raider, Chalupa, Virginia Slim, Sellout, Mad dog, Backside, and Bear


It was a temperate morning after a week of freezing weather. As I drove into the RAP parking lot, there were only a handful of parked cars. I know it’s a pandemic year, plus with the Bad Apple and Brimstone AO having sprouted from The Wreck and thus pulling pax away, I was not expecting much, but 4-5 pax is downright disappointing. After getting out of the car and while I was walking to the gazebo where we usually meet, familiar faces suddenly started appearing from out of the gloom! As more and more gathered, the parking lot was getting packed with men doing their best to social distance. I was greeted with gifts, jazz music, smiles, and laughing faces. Many of the men were wearing a custom-designed “Circus is My Friend” shirt and a rainbow-colored clown wig. It was a planned ambush and a welcome sight to my wounded pride. What a surprise!


YHC led the hoard of men young and old away from the flag to the Roswell North Elementary parking lot. We circled up for a brief F3 disclaimer and some warm-up exercises including SSH, Toy Soldiers, Slow Merkins, and Slow Squats. After the warm-up, the pax separated into teams of 4 to start the main routine.

The Thang:

Working as a team, partners A and B execute the Alphabet exercises in cadence, performing as many reps as possible while partners C and D run together around the long rail separating the parking lot and bus lane. Flapjack until the team reaches a total of 100 reps of each of the following exercises.

A – American Hammers

B – Burpees

C – Crunches (LBC)

D – Dips

E – Elevated Heel Touches

F – Fielders

G – Groiners

H – Humpers

I – Incline Merkins

J – Jump Squats

With only a few minutes left, after completing the H exercise, we moseyed back towards the flag.


1st Annual F3 Alpha Santa Ruck

Mission: Collect canned food and toys for NFCC

Location: Hembree Springs Elementary

Date and time: Saturday, December 12th 7:30AM – 9:00AM

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A humongous thank you to everyone who participated in the b’day beatdown and for making it a special day for yours truly. To those who took part in planning the ambush, shirt design, clown wigs, and the completely unnecessary heated vest, I am indebted and was a little overwhelmed, which may or may not have been apparent in the gloom. My family and I have lived in Roswell for about 13 years, but it was only after joining F3 several years ago, that I started connecting with other guys outside of Magnolia Walk. Now I have a friend in another neighborhood, down the street, on the other side of the park, from all around Roswell and even in a neighboring town of Alpharetta. Who knew I would be so popular at 50? Kidding of course, but honestly, life is made better because of F3 and because of all of you! Lastly, Circus is your friend!

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