Four corners of cold pain

AO: The Norseman

When: 12/01/2020

QIC: Callahan

PAX (11): Ha-Ha, Striper, Strokesy, E-Tool, TMI, Dr. Rico, Nacho Libre, Crikey, Jethro, White Claw, Callahan


It’s cold!  29 degrees means let’s roll…


Mosey to the main lot for SSH, weed pickers, hillbillies

The Thang:

Short tour of the softball complex to establish our four stops for the thang.  We counted down from 15 each round.  At stop 1, merkins…stop 2 copperhead squats…stop 3 dips on the bleachers…stop 4 big boy situps.  Run between stops, which was helpful as it was chilly and we needed to keep moving!  Lots of mumblechatter and questioning by the PAX on why we were moving so fast.  Also discussions of the Q being evil, but those notions were quickly dismissed.  We made it down to round 6 when time was called and we headed back to the flag.

Short round of Mary – LBCs, Dollys, Freddie Mercury.


Prayers for our country, and for the men in this group to love and lead well.

Always a privilege to lead!!

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