Cold start- Warm end

AO: Firehouse

When: 12/03/2020

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (6): Reuben Lightweight Buckeye Suarez Schneider Script Kiddie


Another cold North Atlanta morning but 6 PAX got up, got moving, and faced the cold.  I got there early with Reuben already there ready to go and everyone else quickly rolling in to get the day started, not knowing what to expect other than a promise that once we got started they would not be cold.


Moseyed around the parking lot and stopped a bit past our normally rally point, we then started the warm up

Weed picker
Windmill to end the warm up

The Thang:

Had the PAX grab a coupon and head to soccer field #2, or I think it was #2, once there the true fun began.
We did, what I Called long distance 11s, started with 1 wonderbra, with coupon
Ran to midfield and did 5 merkin jacks
Then on to the other goal line and did 10 box cutters
On the way back, midfield we stopped for a nice relaxing 5 squats
Then on to the staring point
We then did 2 wonderbras and returned downfield to do another round of 5 merkin jacks
and then 9 boxcutters
then back to midfield and another round of 5 squats
and we kept that up till we were done and while some waited for everyone to finish we did a round of LBC
The PAX finished that with time to spare so added in a quick round of Dora (100 curls)

We then returned the coupons and moseyed to the pole
2 quick rounds of ring of fire (merkin style)
and Schneider ended the beat down with  our standard show ending 20 American hammers in honor of our PAX member Krystal, who is on the mends from back problems and will hopefully be back soon.
As promised at the end everyone was nice and warm. miss a few cold fingers.


Good report on Skynard’s dad who is feeling better

Buckeye mentioned a family member was struggling with Alzheimer and asked for prayer for their physical and mental well being

Lightweight asked for pray for everyone dealing with anything financial, mental, or physical due to the craziness of this year, and peace for them

Reuben had pray for health for his family as well.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Buckeye mentioned it was his 38th birthday so in honor of that we did 38, 4-count, SSHs (what was I thinking lol)

Afterwards Schneider and I went for a run, will his was a run, mine was more of a wounded penguin waddle.

It was great seeing all the PAX, that could make it  there, and we are hoping all the other guys can make it out next week,

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