Bird dogs in the dark.

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/02/2020

QIC: Sellout

PAX (7): One call, Scratchoff, Wild thing, Norm, Yankee, Backside, Sellout


Wherever you were this AM, I hope you posted. It was a gloriously cool morning of 26* and a bright moon and stars! We were in competition with SNAX VQ over at Badapple and I heard it was awesome!


Let’s get it on at 5:30 sharp! Moseyed up the road and hill to main parking lot by Rec main building. Started with 15 mountain climbers, 15 plank jacks, 15 weed pickers and 15 side straddle hops.  Mosey over the hill to the path around the pond.  I had a black frisbee and PAX very curious.

The Thang:

What I now call the “pond snake”   Start by spreading out in a single file line giving 10 feet between PAX. All pax begin exercise. We started with merkins.  PAX at the end runs to the head of the line and begins the exercise.  When he gets down the next PAX at the end of the jumps up and runs to the front.  All PAX continue doing the exercise until the first PAX is back at the end of the line.  Switch exercise and repeat. We worked our way around the entire pond in this manner performing these exercises.  Merkins, Freddy Mercury, Shoulder taps, Jump Squats. Diamonds, Knee high run in place, Stone Mountains.

Up and mosey to the football field.  So begins the Bird Dog.  All PAX line up. One PAX throws frisbee as far as possible.  All PAX take off running after it. As soon as disc hits the ground everyone must stop and begin lunging to the disc. Repeat until all PAX get to throw frisbee. Rinse and repeat now with Bear Crawl to disc, Bunny Hop.  Black frisbee in the dark really makes the “bird dogs” work to find it.

Next circle up and perform “21s”  PAX form a circle and perform side straddle hops in unison and count out loud 1-5.  For 6-21 all go silent and finish together.  If one PAX is off then all perform 10 burpees.  We tried three times and could not end together.  Sad.   I guess we like burpees!

Mosey to the playground. Half the PAX perform dips while the other half lay under a swing. Reach up grad the chains and perform horizontal pullups. Perform 40 and switch.  Audible called…. those are hard.  Which means we need to do MORE!  Time called mosey to the flag.


Circus 50 b-day Q. this Friday. Don’t miss it! Collecting food and toys for NFCC. Santa Ruck 12/12. Don’t be a scrooge!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

New PAX joined this week is Wildthing.  He’s posted three days in a row.  Awesome dude!

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