I’ve got another puzzle for you

7 PAX showed up for a 27 degree, 16 windchill beatdown at DHS for the 6AM slot. *Although it wasn’t quite as windy as expected. The PAX: Team Mom, Doodles, Novocaine, Bison, GreenBean, Ricochet & Oompa Loompa doopa-dee-do. I’ve got another puzzle for you. You can live in happiness too.

All pax were appropriately bundled, save Oompa Loompa: shorts, no gloves, no hat! I think he is crazier than Team Mom and hear he takes drugs- Joiya!

Follow me to upper parking lot near Vanderlyn for Warm-a-rama:

SSH IC x 15, IW’s IC x 15, Low Slow Squats IC x 15, MC’s IC x 15, side plank arm up: 30 sec hold (right side)

Rinse and repeat with sets of 10, side plank arm up: 30 sec hold (left side)

The Thang: Begin at bottom of Vanderlyn for a Triple Nickel:

5 Diamond Merkins at top (parking lot entrance), 5 star jumps at bottom- drain x 3

Al Gore for the six.

Next, follow me to upper parking lot again. Line up for jail break to picknick tables. Then Mary: Mason Twist x 25. Next- mosey over to large flagpole, tried to recruit some of the 5:30PAX, but no takers. Next- a Nickel Nickel: run up steps to parking lot for 5 merkins, then back around dirt road by port-a-johns back to flagpole for 5 Heels to Heavens. *We heard curious noises coming from the porta potties. A story for another day. 🙂

Al Gore and plank for the six. Then Mary: Low flutter IC x 30, LBCx IC x 30.

Final excersices: pair up for: Partner 1: run to upper corner of parking lot (vanderlyn and vermack corner), 5 werkins while Partner 2 is doing sets of 15: step ups, dips and derkins. Only time for 1 round.

COT. Ricochet took us out.

Great way to start the morning! And I took my first Joiya pill after some convincing. Not sure it did anything, but I’m not too sore today.



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