Sooner or Ladder We’ll Get There

AO: The Shadow

When: 11/30/2020

QIC: Curveball

PAX (9): Bison, Box Checker, CIA, Curveball, Manhole, Novocaine, Radar, Suds, Team Mom


The enemy laid sleeping, restful, in a warm bed this AM. The 9 men who wandered into the gloom to brave the cold and rain today defeated that enemy. This is the tale of their victory.


  • Warm-up lap around the baseball field
  • 15x SSH
  • 15x Windmill
  • Albatross 10x each: Fwd Arm Circles, Bkwd Arm Circles, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps
  • From warning track to infield. Warrior Lunges halfway. Jog halfway. Repeat on the way back.


The Thang:

Circle Burps / Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

PAX circled up and began to bear crawl clockwise. When YHC shouted FIRE! everyone does one burpee, then continues bear crawl. One rotation was sufficient to get shoulders warm. Lots of FIRE! was needed to keep us warm.

Mosey to the soccer fields with some extra credit air squats along the way.
Team Ladder Climb
PAX paired up for some ladder work. Partners work their way up to 10 reps of the prescribed exercise. Partner A began by performing 1 rep of an exercise while Partner B held a position. Then Partner B did 1 rep while Partner A held position. Next 2 reps…and so on up to 10.
Exercises / Hold Positions
  • Merkins / Plank
  • American Hammer (Double Count) / Boat
  • Burpees / Al Gore
In between exercises, we moseyed around the soccer field. YHC was very impressed by the mental fortitude of the PAX fighting through the final burpee reps.
Mosey back to baseball fields with some more extra credit air squats along the way. We were graced with a refreshing cold rain as we huddled up for the COT.


CIA (5:30a) and Green Bean (6:00a) have the Q tomorrow. Fear not, both men will most certainly design a workout to keep us warm.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Team Mom informed us that gloves should only be used in sub-40 degree weather. However, that rule should take into account wind-chill. Thus, displaying his true internal conflict of being both an O-lineman (immune to cold) and a southerner.
F3 Beat(down) Poetry 
Cold wind halts no PAX
bravely climbing the ladder.
Rent paid. Earned the day.

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