Peachtree VR with a Side of SaltLick Beatdown

AO: The Shadow

When: 11/28/2020

QIC: SaltLick

PAX (13): Dubya, Team Mom, Radar, Mossad, Gilligan, CIA, Ricochet, Manhole, Stripper, Scout, Potter, Big Apple, Salt Lick


13 gentlemen took advantage of a beautiful morning to get some work in on Saturday over the long holiday weekend.  Props to Dubya and Team mom for finishing up the 10k at 6am in time to get back and participate in our 7am beatdown – much respect.


IC: SSH (15), Cotton Pickers (15), Windmills(15), Low Slow Squats(10), Stone mountains IC(15), Peter Parkers(15), rinse and repeat

The Thang:

Trail Run the top half of Nature Center Hill Trail

At top, Up straddle hop 15 IC right leg, flap jack

Mosey to coupon collection for Mary:

Mary: Big block alphabet, then 15 each IC of ABCs (by request),  Dying Cockroach, Peter Parkers, Floyd Mayweathers

Rifle carry coupon to Austin parking lot gate next to generator

Austin circuit: (4x through)
  • Gate 1) 25 coupon curl presses + 10 Alpos (20/10 on final set to shave some time, not because we couldn’t do the full 25); run to next station
  • Gate 2)10 burpees; run to next station
  • East End of Upper Parking Lot) Alternative Lunges – 10 each leg; run to next station
  • West End of Upper Parking Lot) 10 Stone Mountains

Return Coupons then add-in 15 more IC Peter Parkers and Floyd Mayweathers

Mosey back to start to finish off with Up straddle hop 15 SSH with the COT to send us to coffeteria and the rest of the weekend.


Manhole took us out.

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