Blk Friday Beatdown at The Wreck

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/27/2020

QIC: Grease Monkey/ Sprocket Tag Team

PAX (10): Aflac, Downhiller, One Direction, Circus, Dead Beat, Chalupa, Caffeine, Pop Up


With a number of PAX DR for the Thanksgiving holiday, YHC’s discussed a mini-convergence for the day after and were glad to see Wreckers, Brimstoners and Bad Apples gather at their “spiritual” home in the Ros.


Sprocket was first Q up, so, it was his job to get the PAX warmed up for the Thang. An easy mosey was led in the direction of the playground where the PAX pulled over for a quick round of Morning Call (in pairs. PAX took turns knocking out 5 pull ups while PAX in waiting pushed out Merkins in sync). With the round complete, PAX continued on to the football parking lot where Hillbillys, SSH’s and Mtn Climbers were performed IC at 15x reps each.

The Thang:

On to the gridiron for a B.O.M.B.S. pyramid. Beginning on the goal line, PAX ran to the 10 yd line for 10 burpees and back pedaled to the goal line. The remainder of the exercises were performed in this manner all the way down the field. The remaining exercises were: 20 overhead lunges (dbl cnt) @ 20 yd ln, 30 Merks @ 30 yd ln, 40 BBSU’s @ 40 yd ln, 50 SSH’s at 50 yd ln, and back down the pyramid on opposing side of field. A 200 yard run finished the round with first finisher leading rounds of Mary until the 6 was in.

Sprocket then tagged Monkey, cranked some festive holiday tunes for the region’s “most joyous PAX” to lead with and all got back to work with..

High planks, Candlesticks, J Lo’s and LBC’s in succession with low planks in b/t 2 sets while Run DMC busted Christmas carols over the BT speaker. Mosey to concession stand for a round of balls-to-the-walls.

Once done, PAX moseyed across lot to Coupon Creek for a couple of rounds of curls, skull crushers, overhead presses, squats and jump squats (sans coupon).

With time on the wane, G-Monkey led the mosey back to the flag where a lightning round of diamond merks rounded out the WO.


Thoughts and prayers for all PAX downrange for the holidays, PAX that are recovering and/or are currently IR, thanks given for our nation, our freedoms and for peace and unity. Coffeeteria followed at CLC.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Speaking for himself, Sprocket’s certainly thankful for F3Alpha, its PAX, an awesome town and community to be a part of and the fact that even the 2 PAX from out of town were able to join in and benefit from the workout at The Wreck.

When asked to share his thoughts on this mini-convergence, G-Monkey only grunted once which means he’s in TOTAL agreement on what Sprocket’s thoughts are on everything stated above. G-Monkey & Sprocket out.

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