Homer’s Road Trip to The Bluffs

AO: The Bluffs

When: 11/27/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (5): Judge Judy (F3Hartsville), Val, Executioner, MC, Homer


I’ve been wanting to travel up to the far end of Gwinnett County (and just inside Hall County) to Q at The Bluffs, and with Dinghy taking charge at the Bridge this morning in Peachtree Corners, I grabbed the Q off the google sheet and started my plans for what might account as a downrange AO from the very populated side of the Alpha region.

Back story, for a few years, I was a kids pastor at Cross Pointe Mill Creek which met just down Friendship Road, so I’ve got a few friends on this side of town. Also, with Howard Brothers (my full time job) having a location just up 985 in Oakwood, AND with some old high school and college friends up in these parts of Metro Atlanta… I hoped that I could headlock a few FNGs to come give me 45 minutes of their time… But that did not work out, so I was unsure who would show up in this dark wide open park off of Blackjack (by the way, if it were me, I’d name the AO Blackjack Bluffs and get F3Snickers to throw together a logo!)

I left the house at 4:30 for the drive up 85/985 and arrived at 5am for a solo gloom run/reconnaissance mission. Ended up back at my van and awaited any PAX to show up.

Across the horizon I spotted the first pair of headlights. I met Judge Judy and his dog, Maya, from downrange Hartsville, SC.

Next up, Val, followed by MC and Executioner.

5:30 came around. Welcome and Disclaimers given. Let’s Mosey.


Mosey’d from the bathrooms just under 1/2 mile to parking lot closest to Blackjack Road. Circled up for SSH, Windmill, Copperhead Squat, Moroccan Night Club. Mosey’d back where we just came and continued to the bottom of the amphitheater.

The Thang:

Thang #1 BOMBS

25 Burpees, 25 Overhead Clap, 25, Merkins, 25 LBCs (Hey, the B is in there) and 25 Squats – Followed by a lap of the theatre. Up, around, back. Plank for the 6.

Thang #2 COMBS

Grabbed a coupon from the rock pile. 25 Curls, 25 Overhead Clap, 25, Merkins, 25 LBCs, and 25 Squats – Followed by a lap of the theatre. Up, around, back. Plank for the 6.

Thang #3 DOMBS

25 Dips, 25 Overhead Clap, 25, Merkins, 25 LBCs, and 25 Squats – Followed by a lap of the theatre. Up, around, back. Plank for the 6.

Thang #4

Ever since the F3Alpha Convergence this past fall, YHC planned to bring Balls to the Wall to the Bluffs if he ever Q’d – Val seemed to like it so much when we got to do it at one of the Convergence stations. We took to the stage, Balls to the Wall was explained and demonstrated for the PAX. The goal was to hold as long as possible, while 1 PAX ran the loop up, over, and back in the amphitheater. Rinse and Repeat until all 5 ran the loop… Mumblechatter was as expected.

Mosey back up to main parking lot and line up for some Lieutenant Dan’s.

Thang #5

Explained what this one was and with a few counting blunders (math is hard) from YHC, we squatted and lunged up and down the parking lot. 1&4, 2&8, 3&12 all the way to 10&40

  • Maya lost her ball sometime during this workout. 🙁

Just enough time for Thang #6

We did some Jack Webb around the flag pole. Jack Webb is one merkin followed by 4 air presses, 2&8, 3&12, 4&16 up to 10&40 It’s just air.

Last we had a few minutes for some mary.

On your 6 for Gas Pumper, Flutter Kicks (called by Judge Judy) and Box Cutter (called by Val)


We prayed for our families, and fellow PAX.

Val called out Romans 12:1 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Judge Judy for hard charging today. Thanks to these men for posting and pushing hard this morning. Great job by all.

Thanks to @circus for the BOMBS, COMBS, DOMBS plan off of a recent backblast. Worked great this morning to get us started.

It was a blast to lead this group. I really do see in the next few years a growth spurt within Gwinnett and Hall County. There are just too many great places to workout and opportunities for fellowship which men need. Our communities need virtuous leaders and frankly we need to develop our leadership muscles. I look forward to coming back out to the Bluffs sometime and hopefully bringing some of the guys who I know will benefit from it.

It doesn’t get easier, but you get stronger.

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