AO: Bad Apple

When: 11/25/2020

QIC: Sprocket

PAX (2): Ollie


YHC read somewhere recently that people consume between 3,000-4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day. So, having regained a healthy appetite after a 2 week hiatus, YHC was determined to get ready for the most American of holidays (after Independence Day of course) for which eating and drinking one’s self silly is par for the course. Time to get sweaty before we get stuffed.


SSH’s, cotton pickers, walk-out Merks, single count, 15 reps.

The Thang:

Buy In
Pull up Pyramid 2-4-6-8

Superset – *Toe Tap Merks and Slow-motion Freddie Merc’s: Performed in the 22’s sequence with a chaser*.
Begin with 20-2, chaser, 18-4, chaser, 16-6, chaser, 14-8, chaser, 12-10, chaser, 10-12, chaser, 8-14, chaser, 6-16, chaser, 4-18, chaser, 2-20, chaser.
*chaser= Side straddle hop – 30 + Lateral Lunges – 20

Buy out
Pull up Pyramid 8-6-4-2


prayers said for all families represented and those traveling, for our nation and for our blessings.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

In the midst of everything that’s gone wrong this year, if we take the time and think about what we do have and what we can do, there’s plenty of good things for which to be thankful. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Sprocket out.

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