Press Blimps Squeeze @ the Meat House

AO: Meathouse

When: 11/24/2020

QIC: Homer

PAX (7): Feathers, Meatball, Ready Mix, Puff Daddy, Animal, Popper, Homer


Is it Brickhouse? Is it Uncle Boomer’s Brick House? Is it Uncle Boomer’s Meat House?

For today, the PAX said it Uncle Homer’s Meat House…

Perhaps it will be the AO that changes names each week based upon the QIC


Leave your Coupons, and we’ll be back. Quick mosey around the green, back to the flag for little baby arm circles, reverse baby arm circles, Copperhead Squat and Hillbillies. Grab your coupon and let’s take a walk. Headed out Town Center Blvd and hard left towards the bridge. Up and Over. Down the sidewalk. YHC heard Mumblechatter behind him wondering if we were headed toward QT for Coffee. We entered the Forum and took the direct route to our MIA Julius’ place: Press Blend Squeeze.

The Thang:

This is a much better parking lot to do some 4 corners work in. YHC explained we were going to start off by doing the Press part of the workout.


4 corners 20 merkins each. I forgot the plan to rifle carry our coupons between corners for the PRESS part… probably for the best. The PAX were wondering why Homer would choose 20 merkins at each corner, under the weight of our rucks… That fourth corner really sucked.


Playing off Press Blend Squeeze, YHC determined BLIMPS would be a good middle Thang.
4 corners of BLIMPS. 5 Burpees (Animal is officially in concussion protocol after his first one) 10 Lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mountain Climbers, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats. OYO. Exercise. PAX rifle carried coupons this time around. Could modify BLIMPS exercises to include the coupon or not.

It was sometime during this rotation of the parking lot that FORUM security drove around through the lot. I’m sure nothing get’s the security’s heart racing like seeing 7 grown men with weighted rucks on their back lugging cinder blocks around. He did not stop to see what we were doing. Chalk that up as a win for F3 future activities in the FORUM lots.


Well, YHC had planned some COLT 45’s for this round of the 4 corners, but could tell that time was going to be an issue. Since I had also intended to take a group photo in front of PBS, we quickly¬†squeezed together and took a quick pic.

Press Blimps Squeeze

Grab your coupons and let’s head back. This may have been the hardest part of the workout for YHC. That walk back across the bridge with the weight definitely pushed us all.

There was time for a few more activities at the flag. We did 22 Dips and 22 step ups, 1 round of Gas Pumpers and ~10 seconds of American hammer balancing before time was called.


Prayers for those PAX who are now taking care of their parents in older age and need. God gives us the grace and strength to do all things.

Prayers for those traveling and those who will be dealing with family dynamics during Thanksgiving.

Meatball has the Q back at the Hooch tomorrow. Hot ‘n Special at BushW0.0d on Thursday morning. Dinghy for Friday at the Bridge. Homer is headed to Flowery Branch to Q at Cherokee Bluffs on Friday. Widowmaker on Saturday… Busy week!

See you in the Gloom!

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