November Thang for Scouts Gang

AO: The Shadow

When: 11/24/2020

QIC: Scout

PAX (12): Box Checker, CIA, Dubya, Fireballs, Horny, Manhole, Potter, Saltlick, Scout, Stewey, Switchboard, Zoom


It was a cool morning but 12 strong men gathered in a circle to start the day off right. I guess my last memorable Q was the Valentine’s Day special per CIA. I let him know that he could grab a date and repeat after COVID passes. Partner jump over, crawl under looked good on paper but was tough once repetitions went past 5. On to the beautiful fall day that we have today.


Chinooks, Imperial Squawkers, Hand Hand release Mercans (15) R&R then Cotton Pickers, Mountain Climbers, SSH (15) R&R

Across Parking lot: Butt Kickers, Backwards, Karaoke North and South (which Manhole pointed out was the same leg!) High Knees.

The Thang:

Mosey to bottom of hill at Vanderlyn Drive. Grab a partner so one group goes East the other West for social distancing. Jacobs ladder with 1 Burpee at the bottom and 6 Burpees at the top with 5 Mercans at the half-way point in each direction. Plank for the 6.

Off to the turf for some more work starting with 10 Kercans (Chuck Norris Mercans on your knuckles). Mary in cadence: Flutter Kicks, Heels to Heaven, Low Dolly, Dying Cockroach, American Hammer all at 20 count and ABCs (15).

Mosey back down the street and see the 6:00 crew blocking the road. Quick diversion across the track and then to steps for Calf raises in cadence (10).

Circle up and had to count to 12 two times. I guess because it is November 24?


Thank you to Saltlick for taking us out with a prayer!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

THURSDAY is at 6:30 am for a 1 hour MANHOLE Turkey special.

There is a group that would like to run the virtual Peachtree RR together so send out an email to Switchboard if you are interested.

CIA would like to know if you would like to bike/run on Friday.

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